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That Gentle Night (4706 words) by Amatara
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Vir Cotto & Londo Mollari, G'Kar & Londo Mollari
Characters: Londo Mollari, Vir Cotto, G'Kar
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Fix-It, Angst, Hopeful Ending, Character Death Fix
Summary: When your death dream fails to come true, is life something to embrace or to fear? After Centauri Prime is freed from the Drakh influence, Londo finds himself with a choice he never expected having to make. A short post-canon AU fic, set about a decade after the events from "Fall of Centauri Prime".
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Shadow and Soul (4874 words)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: G'Kar/Londo Mollari/Timov
Characters: Timov, Londo Mollari, G'Kar
Additional Tags: Banter, Alien Sex, Light Bondage, Femdom, Tentacles, Threesome - F/M/M
Summary: When you're married to Londo Mollari, you learn to adapt. Even when he brings his bodyguard to dinner.
Notes: A short interlude, set during/after season 5's "In the Kingdom of the Blind". In which Timov receives two visitors, one of whom unexpected. Written because there is not nearly enough fic about functioning threesomes, and hardly any about these particular three, and I had a mighty need.
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Now Is Mine (4790 words) by Amatara
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: G'Kar/Londo Mollari
Characters: G'Kar, Londo Mollari
Additional Tags: Alien Sex, Tentacles, First Time, Snark, Angst, Closet Sex
Summary: For some time now, Londo has been... watching him. G'Kar knows what it means; he just hasn't decided what to do about it. Basically my version of Londo and G’Kar’s first time, set during (when else could it be?) late season 4’s “Rising Star”.
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Drink Deep (3194 words)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Summary: G'Kar struggles with his sudden status as a religious icon, and Londo realizes he can take some lessons from Vir in how to handle melancholy drunks. Missing scene for the season 5 episode "The Ragged Edge".
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: G'Kar/Londo Mollari
Characters: Londo Mollari, G'Kar, Vir Cotto
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drunkenness, Awkward Conversations
Written for the prompt "For once, G'Kar is the one who needs comfort, and Londo tries to give it as best he can."
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My other contribution to [ profile] babylon5_love was something different altogether: for once, I made something that wasn't fic or something fanarty/crafty, but took a chance on music instead! Not an original song, but I did set new, B5-themed lyrics to an existing song, and recorded my own version of it to a karaoke track (as I lack the needed skill on acoustic guitar, woe). I ended up making a Londo and G'Kar version of "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's. The title, unsurprisingly, is "Hey There, Mollari", and the song is basically G'Kar writing a letter to Emperor Londo while traveling with Lyta. (The sound quality isn't great, but I did my best with the tools I had.) Hope you enjoy!

Hey There, Mollari: listen or download on Soundcloud.

Lyrics behind the cut )
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So at one point during the past weeks I wrote this little snippet at the request of a tumblr friend, after which we got to discussing Londo’s issues with choking and asphyxiation and she pointed out that there should be Londo/G’Kar breathplay fic because omg yes, painful and screwed up and perfect. And I agreed wholeheartedly, and one thing led to another and… well, I wrote the thing! :) And I can honestly say it's both the hottest and one of the darkest things I ever wrote, and somehow I’m irrationally proud of it, so... I hope you’ll all enjoy it. *beams*

Undertow (4101 words) by Amatara
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: G’Kar/Londo Mollari
Characters: Londo Mollari, G’Kar
Additional Tags: Angst, Snark, Marsupial Sex, Tentacle Sex, Breathplay, Dreams, Death Fantasy, Asphyxiation, Revelations, Alcohol
Summary: After watching a performance in the Dark Star, G'Kar makes a request that sets Londo's teeth on edge. Set sometime between the season 5 episodes The Ragged Edge and Darkness Ascending.

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So while on tumblr, I ended up writing two short Londo/G'Kar ficlets that I only now remembered to post at the AO3. The first one is a short humorous piece with a sprinkling of angst, the second is gratuitous hurt/comfort dealing with one of my favorite tropes. Neither are particularly deep, but I enjoyed writing them so here they are, for your reading pleasure.

We Are One (1119 words) by Amatara
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Londo Mollari, G'Kar
Summary: G'Kar may have become more tolerant of ridicule, but not when it comes to his Declaration of Principles, and not at all where Londo Mollari is concerned.

breathe in breathe out (1150 words) by Amatara
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Londo Mollari, G'Kar
Summary: Londo isn't as young as he used to be; or as whole. Set during season 5’s In the Kingdom of the Blind, just after the attempt on Londo’s life.

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Though I Walk Through the Valley (46544 words) by Amatara
Chapters: 15/15
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Londo Mollari/Timov, Vir Cotto & Londo Mollari, G'Kar & Londo Mollari, Vir & Lennier
Characters: Londo Mollari, Vir Cotto, G'Kar, Timov, Lennier, Delenn, David Sheridan
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Not A Fix-It, Canonical Character Death, Canon Compliant
Summary: What really happened during those sixteen long years in which Londo waited for the prophecies to come true? A multi-chapter story, indended to bridge the gap between Londo's ascension to the throne and Centauri Prime's eventual liberation from the Drakh.

So, this is it! I just posted the last chapter of the fic that consumed my life for the past four months, ever since I gave in to that crazy impulse to write the one B5 story I've always wanted to see written. Well, 'consumed my life' is probably still an understatement. If there's anything that I learned throughout this, it's that I'm probably not cut out to be a writer - that is to say, writing is my passion and my joy but it's also my addiction, and the way I've been living these past few months to get this thing written... let's just say it wasn't very healthy, not for me and not for the people living with me and who were so kind to put up with me throughout this. It's still an experience I wouldn't have missed for the world, though. And I think I can say that, of all the stories I have written and may yet write in the future, this is the one story I hope I can be remembered by. Because every emotion that's in there is real, in some way, and mine, and because I am so fond of the story in itself and so proud of it too. So (I'm getting emotional now, dammit) if there ever comes a time that I need to leave fandom, and I hope that time won't come for many years yet... this is the story that I hope people will associate with me. It's by no means perfect, partly because I didn't get a beta while writing it (which I still think was a good call, or I would never have finished it) and partly because of the deadlines I had to keep setting myself to just get through it... But I think it still manages to do what I wanted it to, and even plot-wise, the puzzle pieces fit together pretty well with only a few ragged edges, so... yeah. I think I can safely feel proud of this thing.

And I really hope this won't sound presumptuous, but thank you so much to everyone who cheered me on through any part of this, whether it was with a few words or a thousand, and whether you actually read the story or were just passing through. It made all the difference in the world, believe me. And to everyone who was waiting to read this until you were sure I'd actually be able to finish it (which I don't blame you for, for a while I wasn't all that sure I would either :) )... Here you go, I hope it was worth the wait!

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Even though this isn't the last chapter yet, it almost feels like it is, because so much happens in this one. And that's only the abridged version - if I'd put everything in this chapter that I originally wanted to, I'm pretty sure I'd have been writing forever. That said, I hope I didn’t rush things too much; at one point, it felt like I was just racing from plot point to plot point trying to tie it all up without losing momentum, and I’m still not quite sure if I managed to avoid that trap. Also, because I was fretting so much about not turning this chapter into a huge melodrama, I might have overcompensated and made it too clinical instead. But chances are if I’d have gone for more drama, I would have ended up being just as worried that I took it too far, because that's me as well. :)

Anyway, after this chapter there’s one more, and then an epilogue, but I have good hopes (fingers crossed) that, now the toughest bit is done, it’s just gonna be riding the rollercoaster all the way down!

Though I Walk Through the Valley (13/15)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Category/Rating: gen-ish (with some background pairings), PG-13
Story summary: What really happened during those sixteen long years in which Londo waited for the prophecies to come true? A multi-chapter story, intended to bridge the gap between Londo’s ascension to the throne and Centauri Prime’s eventual liberation from the Drakh.

(In which Vir is shocked; Timov has the last word; G’Kar makes a promise; and Londo prepares in the only way he can.)
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Another chapter is up and posted - this time, with G'Kar and Vir as our main protagonists. Writing G'Kar was hard, for some reason; I had to keep rewatching bits of the show before I could hear his voice in my head again, which made me a little sad (where is the time when I knew all of G'Kar's lines by heart and could pull out his voice whenever I needed it? *sniffs*). But I loved writing him again, especially in combination with Vir. Hope you all enjoy this!

Title: Though I Walk Through the Valley
Fandom: Babylon 5
Category/Rating: gen-ish (with some background pairings), PG-13
Story summary: What really happened during those sixteen long years in which Londo waited for the prophecies to come true? A multi-chapter story, intended to bridge the gap between Londo's ascension to the throne and Centauri Prime's eventual liberation from the Drakh.
Chapter 3 summary: As G'Kar is preparing to leave the station, Vir comes bearing brivari and a great many questions.
Chapter 3 characters: G'Kar, Vir Cotto.

As always, any feedback is loved!

(G'Kar had thought himself quite adept at masking emotion. But this time it must have been plain on his face, because Vir looked down and busied himself pouring the brivari – a generous swig for G'Kar and a more modest amount for himself.)

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Hi there! I'm still here, and doing pretty much okay. Real-life hecticness (is that even a proper noun?) keeps preventing me from being anything close to active on here, but please know I haven't vanished into thin air! What I have been is thwarted by tendinitis (wrist brace! antiinflammatory meds! bring 'em on!) which in theory means I should be typing as little as possible, but ah, seems I don't have that discipline. Anyway, I've had yesterday off and was struck by the sudden need to write something, anything, to make me feel part of fandom again. So [ profile] mithen, remember the promise I once made to write you a birthday story, dealing with Londo and G'Kar's first meeting? I know it's been ages, and as a birthday gift this is ridiculously late (or early!) but I finally got round to it. Please forgive the delay, and I hope you won't mind I twisted your prompt just a little to satisfy my own angsty cravings. :)

Title: Eye of the Beholder
Fandom: Babylon 5
Characters: Londo Mollari, G'Kar, Vir Cotto, with cameos of Michael Garibaldi and Timov.
Summary: Later, Londo would tell himself he had seen G'Kar's face a million times in his sleep. But that is not how it happened. Not quite.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2000 words
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] mithen, whom I once promised this story - and then took nearly a year to actually write it. *facepalm* Also for [ profile] selenak, who has been and always shall be an inspiration to me in all matters Londo Mollari. And for [ profile] Avelera, who has been so gently trying to tempt me back into the B5 fold, and whom due to too darn little free time I've had to disappoint far too often. Hope this helps. :)

Fic: Eye of the Beholder )

(I, um, may have gotten a little rusty in my writing? It feels like that, anyway, after half a year of writing nothing at all - but I still appreciate feedback and concrit just as much as I used to. :) )

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So here it is, finally! My second [ profile] help_japan story, this one for the lovely [ profile] yetanothermask, who asked for post-canon Lyta/G'Kar fic, G'Kar's POV. It took me ages to finish this, but, combined with the B5 revival over on Tumblr, which I've been cautiously following from the sidelines, I really am getting nostalgic for the show all over again. I've even started reediting some of my old B5 fics (and, boy, some of my early ones could really do with some editing) just to get a feel for the characters again. Go figure. :)

Any feedback is loved, con-crit included – it feels like ages since I posted something other than a drabble in this fandom, so I'd be thrilled if you'd let me know what you think! ♥

ETA: now also up on AO3!

Fandom: Babylon 5
Summary: Lyta was always going to choose her own path; all G'Kar could hope for was she'd end up choosing it for the right reasons. That didn't make it any easier to let her go. Post-canon, so spoilers for all of the series.
Characters: G'Kar, Lyta Alexander.
Rating: PG-13. Practically gen, apart from one paragraph which really isn't. Contains implied past Lyta/Kosh, Lyta/Byron, and Londo/G'Kar. 
Word Count: ~4000
Thanks to: Avelera, for the beta!

Fic: Incontournable )

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I promised, didn't I? *g* I hastened to finish this before the Porn Battle closed, so it's pretty short and may feel more rushed than usual, but  it's still Londo/G'Kar, complete with snark and tentacles!

Title: Fallout
Summary: After the Brakiri Day of the Dead, G'Kar wonders about Londo's visitor.
Pairing: Londo/G'Kar
Rating: R
Word count: ~ 1250
Author’s Notes: Written for Porn Battle, for the prompts "empathy" and (naturally!) "tentacles". Also for [ profile] maspalio , who has been very patient for a very long time. :)

Fic: Fallout. )

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For those of you wondering if there would come a time where I'm writing B5 fic again: yes, there would, and I have! Hope you enjoy. :)

Written for [personal profile] crossing_hades, for her generous donation in the help_pakistan auction.

The Eyes that Saw
Summary: Vir Cotto's path from ambassador to emperor, as seen through five different sets of eyes.
Word Count: ~ 5000
Author's Note: While I read Peter David's Legions of Fire trilogy, I don't generally consider it as canon, so I only borrowed very loosely from it. There's a reference to The Lost Tales in there as well, but nothing that makes knowledge of the movie essential.
Disclaimer: JMS owns them, I'm just showing my love for them.

Fic: 'The Eyes that Saw' )

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This has been sitting on my hard drive, near-finished, for a few months before I managed to write that last piece of dialogue. Written for [ profile] maspalio, who shares my frustration over the sad lack of Lyta/G’Kar post-series fics on the web.

Title: Rituals
Summary: The story of one of those days during Lyta and G'Kar's travels where their truths clash - or do they?
Thanks to: [ profile] mithen for the great beta job.
Rating: PG-13, gen. Though I suppose if you really squint you might call it het.
Disclaimer: Owned by JMS and Babylonian Productions, not me, alas.

Author’s notes: One of my disappointments with the show's ending was how little closure we were given for Lyta (also Lennier, but at least for him we're shown in Sleeping in Light that Delenn still honors his memory). Canon tells us she left Babylon 5 with G'Kar in 2262, had parted company with him by 2265, and supposedly died not very long after, in the explosion in Psi Corps headquarters near the end of the Telepath war. For some reason she wasn't even given a mention in the series' finale (the toast to absent friends? Nope, no Lyta there), which peeved me to no end. I couldn't write her a happy story, but at least I could give her some closure before the end.

Fic: Rituals )

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After much agonizing, my h/c fic and I have finally come to an agreement. *hoots and does victory dance*
There are terms to be adhered to, however:

(i) The Fic has decided it's ready, and Wants Out, meaning I'll not be getting a beta. Which is fine, as I need some practice anyway in posting stories without having them beta'd and not feeling guilty or self-conscious about it. (Inevitably, though, I shall feel self-conscious anyway.) Plus, this whole reasoning about h/c being an emotional kink and therefore not requiring justification is very, very appealing. :)

(ii) The Fic admits it's cliché, but refuses to be judged by that criterion, especially since the whole [ profile] cliche_bingo thing this past summer has proven there is clichéfic that does not cause readers to spork their eyes out. Take this Star Trek: Reboot one, for instance.
Furthermore, The Fic prefers not to be accused of not having a plot, since it does have (sort of, a teensy-tiny) one, and said plot is not any less likely than the canon plot that got Londo and G'Kar stuck in a lift together, or in a cell on Centauri Prime - and a cell with only one cot, at that! It's obviously a law of physics that Londo and G'Kar are drawn to tiny spaces in which the universe then proceeds to try to get them killed.

(iii) The Fic hereby calls for snarkfic to be made into an official category, on the grounds that any h/c involving Londo and G'Kar will inevitably have snark as a major ingredient. Oddly, this fic (or at least part of it) is also the closest I've come to anything remotely resembling comedy, which makes it, um, atypical h/c in any case.

And now I'll stop babbling to myself and just post the darn thing! Hope you enjoy it: it's got Londo and G'Kar and snark and angst, so what else could one wish for? (Ah. I see. sorry - it is a gen fic, I'm afraid. *g*) Incidentally, now that I've found the courage to post this: if anyone does feel like polishing it up with a beta job, just wave and I'll let you have your way with it. :) And of course, you know you can critique right here, too.

On a not quite related note, two questions to y'all:
  • What is the correct past tense of "to beta", really?
  • Do any of you think angst qualifies as a cliché? And what is angst, anyway? vjs2259 brought it up, and now I can't keep wondering about it.
Title: One foot across
Rating: G
Summary: Written for [ profile] maspalio, who requested Londo and G'Kar h/c, set during that first visit to Centauri Prime in season 5.
The exact request was: what if that nasty business with minister Vole (Remember? The grey-haired fellow who tried to pierce Londo with a dagger and ended up, through some spoilery interference, getting pierced himself?) was not the last attempt on Londo's life?
Disclaimer: Owned by JMS and Babylonian Productions

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Another contribution for [ profile] babylon5_love, of a rather different type: I present to you pencil drawings of everyone's three favorite ambassadors! Here's a little teaser for y'all, just hit the text link below to see the full pictures.

Actually, Kosh should have been there, too, but I lacked the time to do him, alas.

Clickety-click for the full pics... )

For anyone who's interested: I drew the G'Kar portrait first, then Londo, and finally Delenn, which probably shows in the quality of the drawings - also, it's been ages since I last tried something like this. :)

Delenn I think turned out really well; G'Kar and Londo are okay, although there seems to be something in their expressions that's not quite right... I can't seem to pinpoint the problem with either of them, so if anyone can spot it, feel free to point it out to me!
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Ahh... I made it! Took me half a century to get this right, and it wasn't even the '/' (my first! though nothing explicit, so alas, no tentacle pr0n) in 'Londo/G'Kar' that necked me. For a man who talks so much, Londo sure took his sweet ol' time to start talking to me! But at last, I can present to you:

Title: Small mercies
Summary: Sometimes, a brief respite from solitude is all that one can hope for. For Londo, it might even be enough.
Timeline: Set post-s5, some years after the events of "Fall of Centauri Prime".
Characters: Londo/G'Kar
Rating: Uh... PG-13? It all stays within the realm of the suggestive.
Disclaimer: Owned by JMS and Babylonian Productions.
Thanks to: My wonderful betas, [ profile] selenakand [ profile] kangeiko. (k, here's your birthday present - officially now. Without those tons of edits of yours, I would never have worked as hard on this, so you've earned it!)

Small mercies )
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#1 Purely hypothetical (naturally! *g*) question. Say you're Googling the keyword "G'Kar", to get some vital piece of information for a fic perhaps. Say you're scrolling through the results, and that during that process, you spot an entry titled "G'Kar Teaches".

HOW BAD IS IT if you think, for two entire seconds, that it says "G'Kar - Tentacles" instead ???

Seriously. It seems my subsconscious needs to find itself some tentacle pr0n. *g*

#2 On a completely unrelated note. Why is it that so many people speaking a foreign language don't even try to get their pronunciation right? Like yesterday I had to follow this course, given in English by a French-speaking lady. Grammar and vocabulary wise she did pretty well, hence it couldn't have been lack of knowledge of the language... So can anyone tell me what makes it so hard not to pronounce:
- "hybrid" as "eebreed"
- "available" as "ava-lábel"
- "et cetera" as "exetera" (this one cracked me up at first, but at the end I just wanted to punch her for it)
AND THEN USE THESE WORDS A FRAKKIN' 10 TIMES PER MINUTE! As an aside: I'm not a native speaker myself - so if this rattles even me, it's BAD, people. *g*
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Rating: G
Summary: Finding Na'Toth in a cell on Centauri Prime stirs up some of Londo's personal demons. G'Kar observes, and is given something unexpected.
Timeline/spoilers: Set during the mid-S5 episode "A tragedy of telepaths" (but rest assured, it is certified Byron-free!). Spoilers for all of Londo's arc up to that point, and some of G'Kar's.
Disclaimer: Owned by JMS and Babylonian Productions.
Thanks to: [ profile] hobsonphile, for the kind words of encouragement, meticulous edits and spot-on suggestions.

Acts of contrition )


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