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Even though this isn't the last chapter yet, it almost feels like it is, because so much happens in this one. And that's only the abridged version - if I'd put everything in this chapter that I originally wanted to, I'm pretty sure I'd have been writing forever. That said, I hope I didn’t rush things too much; at one point, it felt like I was just racing from plot point to plot point trying to tie it all up without losing momentum, and I’m still not quite sure if I managed to avoid that trap. Also, because I was fretting so much about not turning this chapter into a huge melodrama, I might have overcompensated and made it too clinical instead. But chances are if I’d have gone for more drama, I would have ended up being just as worried that I took it too far, because that's me as well. :)

Anyway, after this chapter there’s one more, and then an epilogue, but I have good hopes (fingers crossed) that, now the toughest bit is done, it’s just gonna be riding the rollercoaster all the way down!

Though I Walk Through the Valley (13/15)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Category/Rating: gen-ish (with some background pairings), PG-13
Story summary: What really happened during those sixteen long years in which Londo waited for the prophecies to come true? A multi-chapter story, intended to bridge the gap between Londo’s ascension to the throne and Centauri Prime’s eventual liberation from the Drakh.

(In which Vir is shocked; Timov has the last word; G’Kar makes a promise; and Londo prepares in the only way he can.)


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