Jul. 18th, 2010

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So Twin Peaks is not a huge fandom, at least not where fanfic is concerned. This is, admittedly, a little sad. And my favorite corner of it, being everything that involves both Dale Cooper and Albert Rosenfield, is even smaller. (Though, really, not quite as small as you’d think. I haven’t done the math, but I strongly suspect that if you count both the gen and the slash, Coop/Albert might well be the fandom’s pairing that’s inspired the most fanfic so far – more than, say, Cooper/Audrey or Cooper/Truman, both of which could be considered more ‘likely’ pairings.)

In any case, fic about these guys isn’t that easy to find, which is why I think it’s high time to compile a little rec list – both for my own convenience, and for that of anyone else interested. Because, you know, the beautiful thing about Twin Peaks fic being so rare, is that nearly everything that gets written is good, even great… which is worth a lot to me, as well! So here are my favorite Cooper/Albert stories, both gen and slash, as well as a number of Twin Peaks fics centered around other characters. The former list is pretty well-researched, the latter’s just a random collection of fics that stuck in my mind, not meant in any way to be complete. I sorted them chronologically, and marked my absolute personal favorites with an asterisk, but really, imho these are all good.

My main resources are The Bookhouse Boys slash archive, the Twin Peaks tags on the Archive Of Our Own (AO3) and FanFiction.net (which contain a slightly different selection), as well as the assorted Yuletide (a yearly rare-fandom fic exchange) archive. If there’s another, please, tell me. :) And naturally, if I left out any fics that you think deserve a mention here, or that I might have missed altogether, I’d be a very happy camper if you’d point them out to me!

Cooper/Albert recs:

Long rec list here... )

Other characters and pairings:

A somewhat shorter, but pretty varied, list... )

Enjoy the prettiness! And as I mentioned, any recs to fics that I'd missed before will be received with much squee!


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