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Summary: Pon Farr may be a Vulcan condition, but in Spock’s case, it’s a human one as well. Several human ones, in fact. Leonard McCoy would know.
Author's notes: Written as a (by now very *blushes*) belated birthday present for [ profile] mithen. Contains references to, among others, Amok Time, All Our Yesterdays, and The Search for Spock. Also borrows an idea (which is my personal fanon as well), though not the details, from various ST novels the titles of which I forgot.
Characters: Leonard McCoy, Spock, Jim Kirk, Saavik.
Rating: PG-13.
Word Count: ~ 2000
Disclaimer: Not mine, but man, do I love them.

(Gah, I need a Jim & Bones & Spock icon, I do.)

Fic: Human Conditions )

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Judging from the response, it seems I should do silly memes like this more often! *g*

Okay, here goes. I'm not sure how this is supposed to be played, but I'm assuming the main motivation should be attraction (or lack of it), and arguments like "I really don't want to shag character X, but he's suffered enough during the course of show Y that throwing him off a cliff would be cruel, so I'll shag him anyway and chuck down sexy evil character Z instead, even though what I reaaally want is to... etc." should not apply here. :)

vjs2259 gave me John Sheridan, Vir Cotto, and G'Kar (B5) )

mithen came up with Obi-Wan Kenobi (SW), Severius Snape (HP), and Faramir (LOTR) )

thebunnybag asked about Dukhat (B5), Sirius Black (HP), and Leonard McCoy (ST:TOS) )

selenak was curious about Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Severus Snape (HP) )

maspalio went for the Ninth Doctor (New Who), Luke Skywalker (SW), and Gimli (LOTR) )
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Oh, hard, hard. Because this is the ur-slash-shipping fandom, and there aren't that many het pairings in there.
I'm going to include the TOS movieverse too, if you don't mind, just to make it a little easier on myself.

+ OTP:  Spock/Saavik, how they were presented in the novels. Not in a "predestined" or "I couldn't see Spock with anyone else" OTP kind of way, but they are a gorgeous couple: rational enough to still be Vulcan, yet with that base of respect and yes, love. And I adore how Saavik can match Spock in anything: wit, intelligence, and sheer strength of character. Also, platonic Kirk/Spock/McCoy: because those scenes where one of the three is either dead or dying, and the other two grieve or care for him just make me swoon. And in a somewhat different category: Kirk/Enterprise. Because this man really does love his lady. :)
+ Runner-up:  Sarek/Amanda; Spock/that female Romulan captain from "The Enterprise Incident" he seduces in order to get to her cloaking device (if that doesn't suggest a double meaning, I don't know what does *g*) because the UST was just dripping of the screen. Yep, I do have it in for the Vulcanoids. Also Kirk/Edith Keeler from "City of the Edge of Forever" since it's Kirk's only romance from the three-year run that made a lasting impression on me and felt as if it could've been something profound.
+ Honorable mention(s): Kirk/Janice Rand. Didn't always like how it was handled, but a nice bit of continuity and they really had their moments of being hot together.
+ Crack pairing(s): Scotty/Uhura. Because, no matter how much I disliked Star Trek V, the idea of these two having a thing for each other simply melted my heart into a puddle, and made an odd kind of sense too.   
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't: Non-platonic Kirk/Spock/McCoy in any combination. Because the sex doesn't push my buttons in this case, but also because I need all three for the dynamic to be complete, and slashing them would involve moving one of them to the sideline. Unless you'd go for the entire threesome, but non-platonic threesomes are generally a bit too kinky for my tastes. *g*


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