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My second Yuletide, and although I was a little worried it might not live up to the great experience I had last year, I needn't have fretted a bit! Many thanks to my Yuletide author [profile] nemo_everbeing, who in an epic stroke of coindidence turned out to be the same as my author from last year, and wrote me a gift every bit as gorgeous! And who is now, as it turns out, writing a coda to If It Had To Perish Twice, in reply to my own coda Acquainted with the Night, which... *squees* I am really too lucky, guys!

I had a lot of fun with my own assignment, which was Despicable Me fic, a story about Gru and the girls post-movie, written from the viewpoint of Margo, the oldest of the three:

Sweet Villainy (4882 words) by faviconAmatara
Fandom: Despicable Me (2010)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Gru, Margo (Despicable Me), Agnes (Despicable Me), Edith (Despicable Me), The Minions
Summary: Now that he has the girls to think of, Gru considers quitting his job as a villain. Fortunately Margo, Edith and Agnes are there to help convince him otherwise.

I saw the movie in the theatre earlier this year and loved it, both for its sweet humor and the fact that it hadn't been made by one of the giants like Pixar or Dreamworks - it's from Universal, and apparently their very first CGI picture, which struck me as pretty impressive. More companies making great animated movies can only be a good thing! For those of you who haven't seen the film, I don't think it's out on DVD yet (not in my country, at least) but I found this great little trailer on Youtube which contains some of the funniest scenes:

My fic received some lovely comments, including one by my recipient saying she really enjoyed it, and I even got recced a few times, all of which made me very happy!

Funny fact: halfway into writing this fic I realized I was writing Gru in more or less the same mindset that I used to write Londo Mollari in, which - well, given they both speak with an accent, have similar postures and similar types of sarcasm, both play underdog roles, and both have redemptive storyarcs (although, granted, Londo's is a little more tragic) it's not quite far-fetched, but still. *g* I suppose this is my subconscious telling me to write more B5 fic?

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Just got back from family Christmas visits (multiple), so I've barely had enough time to read my own gift, never mind start browsing the rest of the archive - but OMG, people, just like last year I have been so lucky with my gift story! I got OVER 15,000 WORDS of Twin Peaks goodness, which is... *sits in open-mouthed admiration*

If It had to Perish Twice is a massive, intricate, deliciously plotty post-canon Cooper/Albert fic, written from Albert's POV - and what a fantastic Albert it is, in all of his snarky glory! The slash is beautifully done, weaved gently into the main plot rather than dominating it, and not shying away from tough questions, like - well, don't most of us think of Cooper as straight, anyway? Albert-the-sarcastic-bastard, making scathing comments to himself about the stupidity of falling for a straight guy, just broke my heart into so many little pieces.

The author pays wonderful homage to the show, with lots of subtle references to, among other things, the Black Lodge/White Lodge mythology and the aftermath of Coop's possession. We don't learn how Cooper got rid of BOB, exactly, but we learn that he did, and that the years since then have hardly been a picnic. The plot is as great as the characterizations, with a masterfully executed twist that... well, I mustn't tell, of course! Suffice it to say that, once you start reading, you really have to continue to the end!

Quoting all of my favorite lines would be pretty much impossible, so I'll just pick out one of the many wonderful bits of dialogue, to hopefully whet your appetite:

The country highway had a forty-five speed limit, which Cooper met and held. He had always been a stickler for adherence to stupid laws like that. Albert said, “At this rate, we won’t get to Prophetstown until the evening rush hour. If there is an evening rush hour. The last instance of gridlock around here was probably caused by a three-buggy pileup on the way to the county fair.”

“I find gridlock to be a very harmonious experience.”

Albert said what he always said when Cooper indulged his own particular brand of insanity: “Okay” with just enough incomprehension and sarcasm under that one word that he might get an explanation.

Cooper obliged. “All those cars are unified in a desire to go in a single direction.” His smile was brighter than the sun through the leaves. “A mutual will straining for motion.”

Albert rolled his eyes. “And the little old lady at the front of the line whose will is straining much more slowly.”

“Life is more enjoyable with an optimistic mindset.”

“And it’s less frustrating without one.”

Cooper returned his gaze to the landscape without comment or reaction, but the feeling that he was disappointed disconcerted Albert more than he liked to let on. Albert prided himself on never caring about the opinions of others, but Cooper . . . Cooper was different in ways Albert had little desire to confront.

In short: Go! Read! Enjoy! You won't regret it.
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I left this message at the [community profile] yuletide comm as well, but just to make sure you don't miss it: I'll be spending Christmas evening and day with family, and while I'll try my utmost to sneak in some Internet access and comment to your gift (which I'm sure will be awesome!) it's still possible I might not find my way to a computer until the 26th. Rest assured, though, I'll be all the more excited when I do manage to get online! :) Thank you so, so very much, and have a great Yuletide!
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Dear Yuletide writer,

First of all: I love you!!! Sure, we probably don't even know each other, but if one of my own favorite teensy fandoms is your favorite as well, and you're going to write something in it for me, well - how can I not love you? So thank you, very very much! This is only my second Yuletide, and I assure you, I will adore anything you put out. All I'd like is for you to enjoy writing the story, as much as I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it - everything else is a bonus, which includes those Optional Details Which Are Totally Optional! If any of them inspire you, that would be great, but if you have a different idea you think I'd like, it would make me just as happy! So please don't hesitate to follow your muses wherever they take you. I have complete confidence!

My requests were already pretty (optionally! :) ) detailed, so I'll refrain from piling on even more detail here. The reason why I'm listing so many options is just that, for myself, I prefer a series of concrete prompts to work with rather than get carte blanche, but if it's carte blanche you'd like, please don't feel restricted by anything I listed! As I said, any story you write involving my requested characters, will be received with heaps of squee! All I'd like to ask is that you work around my squicks/dislikes if you can - in particular, I'm pretty picky about gen versus het versus slash, depending on the fandom and characters. I love gen, so that's always a safe option, and I've tried to indicate my preferences in terms of pairings, if any, in my prompts. I'd also prefer if there'd be no non-con, underage, character bashing, mpreg, or hard p0rn. As for genre: I’m pretty much a canon girl, so I tend to prefer stories that are consistent with canon over AUs. Beyond that any genre would be lovely, except perhaps for pure fluff, which isn't really my thing. I do have a thing for stories with a hurt/comfort element, but once again, no obligation at all. Endings can be happy or sad, whatever you feel like writing at the moment; I love both.

Something that might be helpful as well: last year I put together a pretty random list of things I love in fanfic, you'll find it right here. Random list is random and hopelessly incomplete, so whether or not you use any of it is entirely up to you!

Linky to my requests... )

Once again, thank you so much, and have a great Yuletide!


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