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Five of your favorite characters are going to a Halloween party. What costumes are they wearing?

1. Albert Rosenfield (Twin Peaks) loathes Halloween parties, plain and simple. For one thing, the event itself - or at least what modern society has made of it - is pointless. For another, he doesn't see why one would want to celebrate it by impersonating evil, be it in the shape of Dracula or Jack the Ripper or what-have-you. But the Bureau throws the occasional party, when someone (more often than not Diane) remembers to organize it, and as much as he pretends to be a bastard out there, here in the offices there are enough people whose company he enjoys that he never says no. Of course, what happens next is that guys the likes of Dale Cooper will try to convince him to wear something spectacularly ridiculous, to which he will say no. In the end, he always wears the same anyway: black suit, black tie, and a dark red shirt. He always comes as Devil's Advocate. Because he tries to be.

2. Timov (Babylon 5), I'm sure, never went to a Halloween party. There was hardly occasion on Centauri Prime, but still, she might have enjoyed it. Well, not when she was young, of course. When she was young, she had no patience to bear either the adults or the children she would probably have met there. At the time she didn't want children - was adamant about not having them, in fact - and Londo didn't make much of an effort to persuade her. But now, being older, there are times she regrets that. Sometimes, seeing Londo with Vir, she wonders if he might not have made a good father, if being a mother would have made her less bitter. And going to a party with droves of children around might be just what she needs to dispel that sense of longing she sometimes has. As for the dress, she'd probably go as the Centauri goddess Larina, who is told to steal the tongues of those who twist the truths. She'd wear grey and gold, and tell the children the goddess' story, because the truth is twisted far too often on their world. For the children, maybe there's still hope. 

3. Teyla (Stargate: Atlantis) is, of course, quite puzzled by the concept. Teyla being Teyla, she first tries her utmost to find out which belief or custom this celebration is based on, what its meaning is, what exactly is expected of her apart from "dressing up". Certainly, dressing up can't be the only point to a ceremony like this, can it? But neither John or Rodney prove in any way helpful, apart from some indistinct mutterings about candy being involved as well. So in the end, she just goes as herself.

4. The last time Leonard McCoy (Star Trek: TOS) dressed up for Halloween was when his daughter, Joanna, was five. He remembers perfectly well, because it happened to be the only Halloween he spent on Earth since she was born. There was a party at her school, parents invited. She looked so happy when he said he could come. Even Jocelyn seemed almost happy. (Almost, but not quite, because she never did anymore those days. Not even while he was home between missions). Joanna went as Tinkerbell, and Jocelyn went as Wendy, and then he was supposed to go as Captain Hook. He complained high and low about it, but in the end he did it, complete with the silly hat and twirling mustache, because Joanna asked. Then, of course, there was the divorce, and Halloween wasn't quite the same. Oh, sure, the parties on the Enerprise were great to tease Spock about pitchforks and pointed ears, but he never did dress up anymore. He didn't have the heart.

5. Severus Snape (Harry Potter) probably hates Hogwarts' yearly Halloween parties as much as he hates anything, but at least he can participate without even needing a change in clothes. Talk of being practical, right?


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