Dec. 26th, 2011

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The Yuletide 2011 collection has opened! I wasn't an official participant this year, but my recipients liked their respective Yuletide treats, which made me happy. I do intend to sign up again next year, if I can - I missed the squeeing over assignments and the obsessively checking the 'gifts' tag at AO3 and the joy of opening one's present - but I had a good time!

Off to eat leftover Christmas turkey now, and little pears filled with dried cranberries. :)

And a number of quick Yuletide recs, in random order:

From the Dirt - Carnivale
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Clayton Jones, Ben Hawkins, Sofie Bojakshiya
Summary: 'The lights glittered in their eyes, reflecting the new and strange visions their minds hadn’t dared to imagine.' A glimpse of the world as seen from the base of the Ferris Wheel.

By Narrow Domestic Walls - Twin Peaks
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Dale Cooper, Albert Rosenfield, Gordon Cole
Summary: Albert doesn’t believe in ‘meant to be’. They don’t naturally mesh: Cooper wanted to do over the guest room with reed matting and make a meditation room; Albert wanted to make an office. So they built an office with a Zen garden. Albert appreciates sleek, modern furniture; Cooper likes Eastern antiques. So now their apartment is decked out in sleekly modern furniture imported from Tibet. Albert prefers quiet when he sleeps; Cooper drifts off listening to Tuvan throat singing. Albert has gotten used to earplugs. At each turn, one or both of them have seen their way through to a solution. The result is not so much a ‘normal life’ as it is a life that’s right for them, and insane for everyone else.

Better With Tentacles - Galaxy Quest (1999)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Fred Kwan/Laliari
Characters: Guy Fleegman, Jason Nesmith, Alexander Dane, Gwen DeMarco, Fred Kwan, Laliari (Galaxy Quest)
Summary: Guy has found religion, Gwen has found shippers and Fred will, eventually, find his pants.

Persuasion in the City - Discworld - Terry Pratchett
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Samuel Vimes, Angua von Uberwald, Jane Gordon
Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a text in possession of more than a passing reference to a certain literary work that shall not be named, must begin with the phrase 'It is a truth universally acknowledged'.



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