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Writing X-Men fic without having read the comics, or seen any of the other films besides the first, feels kind of like it must have felt to be writing Star Trek XI fic while never having even heard of Pon Farr. Terrifying... but great! Or should I say "groovy"? *g* Hope you enjoy; feedback is welcomed, as always!

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Charles never really knew what that meant, until now.
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Characters: Charles, Raven, Moira and Erik; practically gen, save for the errant half-paragraph in which I couldn't help myself. :)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2300
Thanks to: [personal profile] selenak, for the beta, and for being a tower of strength and encouragement in my very first X-Men foray.

Fic: From the Desert to the Well  )


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#1 [ profile] help_japan update: I officially owe fics to two winning bidders, and made unofficial promises to write two more ficlets, which was - ambitious, for sure. I was hoping to get these all done by the end of this month, but due to a combination of real life (work! vacation! planning for Our House That Still Needs To Be Built but should start to rise out of the ground pretty soon now!) and a stubborn case of writer's block, I've finished only one so far. Here you go, [ profile] faelhach, this one's for you! To[ profile] yetanothermask: hope you'll forgive the delay, but I'll get this done and get it done properly, don't you worry a bit. Thank you both again!

#2 Did I mention the house, and that they're going to start construction on it soon? I did, didn't I? Giddiness and panic in one package! But it's going to be great... I hope. *takes deep breaths*

#3 Went to see X-Men: First Class last week, like nearly everyone else here, and loved it. Also, as was wholly and hopelessly to be foreseen, fell like a brick for James McAvoy's Charles. *sigh* Why so predictable, self?
I'm not complaining, mind you! If there's one regret I have it's that I'm hardly familiar with the rest of the canon (I saw the first movie and that's it) but right now I'm having far too much fun keeping up with the growing list of fics on AO3 to mind too badly. The only complication (apart from the general one of *omfgTIME*) is that I'd love to dive into the fic-writing fun for a little while, but lack of canon knowledge isn't too beneficial for morale. Ah, fannish life...

Now, on to fic!

For in That Sleep of Death What Dreams May Come. Written for [ profile] faelhach for [ profile] help_japan .
Summary: Coming face to face with evil is not Dale Cooper's prerogative. Albert would know.
Rating: Gen (with some slashy undertones), rated R for potentially disturbing/triggery content. Brief warning: Contains mentions of sexual abuse of a minor, which may be considered triggery. The mentioned event doesn't involve the main characters, though, and I kept the descriptions deliberately vague. Just thought it would be best to put this on the label anyway.
Word Count: ~6000
Thanks to:
[ profile] nemo_everbeing, for the awesome and lightning-speed beta job.

or read it on AO3.

With the sun down, the temperature was dropping fast. Albert told himself it was simply the cold that led him to turn up his collar and thrust his free hand deep into his jacket pocket. He was acting like an idiot.  )



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