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Five of your favorite characters are going to a Halloween party. What costumes are they wearing?

1. Albert Rosenfield (Twin Peaks) loathes Halloween parties, plain and simple. For one thing, the event itself - or at least what modern society has made of it - is pointless. For another, he doesn't see why one would want to celebrate it by impersonating evil, be it in the shape of Dracula or Jack the Ripper or what-have-you. But the Bureau throws the occasional party, when someone (more often than not Diane) remembers to organize it, and as much as he pretends to be a bastard out there, here in the offices there are enough people whose company he enjoys that he never says no. Of course, what happens next is that guys the likes of Dale Cooper will try to convince him to wear something spectacularly ridiculous, to which he will say no. In the end, he always wears the same anyway: black suit, black tie, and a dark red shirt. He always comes as Devil's Advocate. Because he tries to be.

2. Timov (Babylon 5), I'm sure, never went to a Halloween party. There was hardly occasion on Centauri Prime, but still, she might have enjoyed it. Well, not when she was young, of course. When she was young, she had no patience to bear either the adults or the children she would probably have met there. At the time she didn't want children - was adamant about not having them, in fact - and Londo didn't make much of an effort to persuade her. But now, being older, there are times she regrets that. Sometimes, seeing Londo with Vir, she wonders if he might not have made a good father, if being a mother would have made her less bitter. And going to a party with droves of children around might be just what she needs to dispel that sense of longing she sometimes has. As for the dress, she'd probably go as the Centauri goddess Larina, who is told to steal the tongues of those who twist the truths. She'd wear grey and gold, and tell the children the goddess' story, because the truth is twisted far too often on their world. For the children, maybe there's still hope. 

3. Teyla (Stargate: Atlantis) is, of course, quite puzzled by the concept. Teyla being Teyla, she first tries her utmost to find out which belief or custom this celebration is based on, what its meaning is, what exactly is expected of her apart from "dressing up". Certainly, dressing up can't be the only point to a ceremony like this, can it? But neither John or Rodney prove in any way helpful, apart from some indistinct mutterings about candy being involved as well. So in the end, she just goes as herself.

4. The last time Leonard McCoy (Star Trek: TOS) dressed up for Halloween was when his daughter, Joanna, was five. He remembers perfectly well, because it happened to be the only Halloween he spent on Earth since she was born. There was a party at her school, parents invited. She looked so happy when he said he could come. Even Jocelyn seemed almost happy. (Almost, but not quite, because she never did anymore those days. Not even while he was home between missions). Joanna went as Tinkerbell, and Jocelyn went as Wendy, and then he was supposed to go as Captain Hook. He complained high and low about it, but in the end he did it, complete with the silly hat and twirling mustache, because Joanna asked. Then, of course, there was the divorce, and Halloween wasn't quite the same. Oh, sure, the parties on the Enerprise were great to tease Spock about pitchforks and pointed ears, but he never did dress up anymore. He didn't have the heart.

5. Severus Snape (Harry Potter) probably hates Hogwarts' yearly Halloween parties as much as he hates anything, but at least he can participate without even needing a change in clothes. Talk of being practical, right?
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So suddenly, before I knew it, I found myself writing a Stargate: Atlantis fic! Like most often when I'm tiptoeing my way into a new fandom, my reflex was to do an episode tag - nothing too long or plotty, but I'm hoping I get the voices right. Now, seeing as none of you "regulars" on here seems to be an SGA fan, I'll probably have to go find myself some comms to post this into - or try to seduce some of you into SGA, of course! *g* Anyway, to anyone reading - enjoy!

Title: The Storm, Stilled.
Summary: Missing scene set near the end of S1's The Storm/The Eye. Elizabeth needs more time than she expected to come to grips. For once, it's Rodney who offers some perspective.
Rating: Gen
Disclaimer: As always, none of these characters are mine.


The storm, stilled )
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Hi, all! How have you been? It's been so long since I posted something decent I can hardly remember, but I have lots to tell to make up for that!

Holiday was all kinds of lovely - South Africa is a beautiful if strange country. Ever more beautiful because despite what we'd expected, even the more touristy bits like the Kruger Park still felt surprisingly quiet and unspoiled to us - though the fact it was still the low season may have had something to do with that. The less touristy parts, like the Drakensbergen, felt like a different world altogether.

And anyway, it is a different world, if only because it feels so very unsettling to be a white person there. Even though no one was actually unfriendly (well, except for that one lady at customs, who almost didn't let us into the country because our passport had supposedly expired, even though it hadn't, and - I blame an 11-hour night flight without any sleep - caused me to start bawling right in the middle of the airport *blushes*) somehow it was hard not to feel a little guilty over our being there. Never mind there no longer being Apartheid, the majority of good jobs are still held by white people, and the majority black people still live in townships or little villages without modern facilities, which made it feel vaguely wrong to be a white tourist there, with money in our pockets and driving around in shiny rental cars. But really, the people, both black and white, were exceptionally friendly, so we did feel more comfortable near the end. And there were black people staying at hotels (though not the most expensive) and pretty houses in the little Zulu villages, so things must be improving, if more slowly than one would hope.

As for the trip itself, it was wonderful, rich and relaxing. We loved the Kruger park, even though we didn't see the really spectacular animals like lions or leopards. But it was the end of the rainy season, which meant everything was green and blossoming - despite it being autumn, everything seemed to be in bloom! And we did see rhinos, elephant, giraffe, zebra, wild dogs, crocodiles, wildebeest, hippos, and heaps and heaps of birds and impalas and kudu. I'll try to put up a little picspam later this week, once I sorted all the pictures! Here's an elephant-y one:

What I loved the most - and miss already - is the rhythm of life there. We didn't take a computer with us, but I'd packed books and games and decks of cards, and writing pads and styluses and copies of a fic I'd been working on, convinced that I'd be grabbing for them in no time; then once we were there, I never even touched them once. Well, except for one book (Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys) of which I read half, in very tiny bits, but that was it. We got up at seven and went to bed at nine, even though we're both essentially evening people, and it felt the most natural thing in the world. And we filled our days with driving, walking, eating, sleeping. In a way, I'm almost sorry I didn't write anything there - I'd been looking forward to working on fic - but the urge just wasn't there, and really, that was okay.

Miscellany notable fact #1: British Airways, which we flew with, are apparently quite proud of their television history. As a result I ended up seeing Dr. Who: The end of Time on the flight to Johannesburg. Watching it, sleep-drunk and tired and in a weird kind of mood, I was filled with a deep and unexpected sense of loss that, even more surprisingly, stuck to me for the better part of the following day. Still, just as unexpectedly, I loved it to pieces. I say "unexpected" because of some spoilery stuff beneath the cut. ) So now, of course, I'll have to buy the Specials on DVD. Are the other ones, Planet of the dead and Waters of Mars worth it, actually? Or should I just buy The end of time separately, if I can?

Miscellany notable fact #2: Did I tell you I discovered Stargate: Atlantis? I did, didn't I? Did I also mention I'm loving it, irrationally and wildly, beyond any hope of recovery? I even wrote an SGA ficlet, if you'll believe it, during stolen half-hours on the train, in the few days before leaving on vacation. It was a surprise even to me that I did, and it's not ready for posting quite yet, and anyway, I don't even know if anyone who's reading here even watches Atlantis - if you do, raise your hand, maybe? But still, all of this is making me very happy. On the other hand, there's this Twin Peaks fic I'd really, really like to finish, as just leaving a 10000+ word WIP to rust would be a terrible, terrible waste, so any encouragement (or threats? :) ) you can offer on that account would be extremely helpful! ;)
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Various reasons for squeeing:

- Just started watching season 4 of New Who, and I already love Donna to pieces. That silent exchange between her and The Doctor in Partners in Crime, pulling faces through the glass.. *can't stop grinning*. And I love that, despite the fact she's been looking for him for ages and wants to travel with him more than anything in the world, she's not at all the weak one in the relationship. Donna does not take the Doctor's crap, no she doesn't! *cheers Donna* Also, the ending of the Pompeii episode, "Just save someone!" - just perfect. Incidentally, I am finding Ten less and less sympathetic. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the hell out of watching him, and I'm still impressed by DT's performance, but - getting whiny over how brilliant Martha was, and that he'd destroyed half her life? Cowardly move, Doctor, for one who's supposedly so brave. You could have told Martha that, just once, couldn't you? *is still fuming a little*

- Also watched the first episodes of Farscape, and the pilot of Stargate Atlantis. Love the atmosphere of Farscape: very psychedelic in a way, the music, the décor. Love Zhaan, Aeryn and John, and the others are growing on me, even though I haven't quite reached the point yet where I stop seeing Rygel, Pilot and the others as puppets. Atlantis I wanted to try because it seems to be one of the top fic-producing fandoms these days - despite many of the fans claiming half of the episodes are bad bad bad, which is a little puzzling to me, I must admit. :) I'm pretty neutral about the pilot: it wasn't bad at all, yet I'm not super-tickled to continue looking either. Not yet, anyway, I guess we'll see.

- Bought Torchwood: Children of Earth, and will probably watch it once we've finished New Who s4 - I'm not sure the two will mix well. My main reason for buying it right now, rather than waiting a little longer, being: I was planning to go to FedCon (a yearly convention in Bonn, Germany) and Gareth David-Lloyd aka Ianto Jones will be there. So I figured, unless I want to get spoiled all over, better watch the thing now. Except I now realized I won't be able to go to the con as it's smack in our April South-Africa holiday. Pity and shame (not the holiday, of course, but missing the Con) as I was hoping some other European LJ-ers might be there too...? Anyway, there's always next year!

In me news:

Health has been a bit sketchy of late, which the control freak in me does not like at all. I don't think it's serious, just impractical - mainly a case of having funny spells at weird moments, for no obvious reason.

Cut as I can imagine not everyone'll find this interesting. ;) )

Conclusion: I, um, may need to take it easy for a little while, fandom-wise, until I'm back on my feet. Seeing as both work and house-hunting are pretty much obligatory now, the only thing that's left for me to exchange for sleep is online time. *sniffles* I'll keep on reading and interacting and maybe posting some smaller stuff, but I'm going to try and lay off on fics and bigger stuff for a while. Meanwhile - send me virtual chocolate and fic recs? *shameless*


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