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Real life (if it ever was gone) strikes again: planning for The House We Bought continues, and after holidays and two blessedly quiet weeks of courses, work is also back with a vengeance. All of which I penitently offer as excuse for my lack of both posting and reading/commenting. (Basically, those stolen half-hours on the train to work are all I have for now, so it boils down to either reading some fic, or writing some, but seldom both. And as I don't want to give up the writing - well. *sighs*)

Which is why, in compensation, I offer you - drabbles! Because I haven't written any yet, and dearly want practice; and because a few half-hours on the train seem perfect for the format. So: drabbles!

As for the type of drabbles on offer: it recently hit me that nearly all my stories are either gen, or gen with UST, or have a very mild sexual sheen, but few of them actually are about sex, and I'd like to remedy that. So I would like to put out a call for drabble prompts, in any of my preferred fandoms (doesn't need to be one I've written in before), that are in some way related to the sexual. I'm not saying I'm going to write hard R, because I almost certainly won't (so please don't make your prompt too explicit or too kinky, or you'll risk me getting stuck), but I'd love to tackle the theme and see what I can do with it.

Your prompt can be anything: word, sentence, description; all I ask is that you pick a pairing you think I have some affinity for. Again, doesn't need to be an über-favorite for that - but please, don't ask for Harry/Snape, or Delenn/G'Kar, or - well, those kinds. *g*. If you're not sure about a pairing, just ask in the comments. If it turns out I can't wrap my head around it, I'll just come ask you for another one - but I do promise I'll give it my best shot. So please, fire away!

And - oh, if anyone would prefer a gen drabble after all, feel free to ask that, too! I'm not in any way making demands here. :)

ETA: I'm not making any promises about timing (still some other stuff on the table too - haven't forgotten you, [ profile] mithen!), because I can't, really. It'll be finished when it'll be finished. Hope you're okay with that. :)
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In the grand scheme of things, vacation planning is really not something to get nervous or itchy about - you will not hear any argument from me. So why did I spend the past two nights puzzling about precisely that subject? *sighs*

Okay, here's the situation: after a relatively cheap holiday year, we were hoping to cross over to another continent sometime in 2010. Because of The Great Big Two-Year Project at work finishing in October 2010, preceded by half a year of testing and followed by two months of virtual firefighting (well, I work in ICT *g*), said trip has to be taken before the summer holidays - ideally, April - and has to be planned now. Add to that the other boundary conditions we're setting (i.e. nothing too long or too fancy, in an accessible country, preferably an English-speaking one, too) and we're left with two options:

(1) Two weeks on the road in South-Western USA

Just the two of us in a rental car hopping from motel to motel, exploring southern New Mexico and Arizona, Las Vegas and Death Valley.

Pros: absolute freedom, a country we're sure we'll love (we did the more famous national parks two years ago, and it was the best vacation of our lives), lots of opportunities to hike.

Cons: little time to plan the trip, plus we can't book the plane tickets yet, as the promotions only start in January... and there's always a chance we don't find a cheap flight, in which case the trip is off. *Eep!*

(2) Two weeks in South Africa, accompanying my parents on their holiday

Seeing wildlife as well as some gorgeous bits of nature. We'd mainly be doing Kruger Park and environs, including some time around Blyde River canyon, and perhaps the lesser known Waterbergen area above Johannesburg, but not much else, because the parents would be setting the tempo.

Pros: an opportunity to take a trip we probably wouldn't risk doing on our own, and doing it more cheaply because we can share a car and accommodation, parents organizing everything (they've been there before, so they know).

Cons: parents organizing everything *g* meaning we won't cover a lot of ground on those two weeks, and we'll definitely lose some freedom. Also, April is not an ideal time as it's the end of the rainy season, meaning more mosquitoes and less wildlife to be spotted.

This is so much a luxury problem, I know, but that doesn't make it any easier to decide. And if we want to go to South-Africa, we'll have to decide this week-end, or we risk missing the cheap flight. *twitches twitchily*

So - what would you do, dear people? The African bush or the wide expanses of the U.S. of A.? If any of you have some advice or thoughts to offer that could shed some light on the dilemma, please tell!
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Let there be no doubt: I'm very much enjoying your feedback and the various discussions we've been having, both here and on your own LJs! So if I'm taking longer than usual to reply to your comments and posts, please don't think I'm ignoring you: it has nothing to do with you and everything with RL. I'm hoping to catch up tomorrow and early next week!

Thinking about it, I might just as well make this a general note. Much as I'd love to have time to write fic and reply to any comment within a few hours of it being posted and give feedback on all your fics and posts, it's starting to become difficult to keep that up - at least, if I don't want to end up a total zombie from sleep deprivation, which would not make for very coherent posts anyway. ;) Work is one reason, as is the fact that husband and I are on the hunt for a house to buy; both of these are good things, but they also wreak total havoc on my spare time, and that's not going to change anytime soon. So please bear with me if you see my reaction time slowing down - I'm still replying to every comment, and I'm still writing fic, and I'm still reading your journals, albeit at a speed that might be less than athletic at times. *g* And please know that this works both ways, and I'm perfectly fine with having to wait a bit for a reply from any one of you.



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