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World Enough and Time (2150 words) by Amatara
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Babylon 5
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Vir Cotto & Londo Mollari
Characters: Londo Mollari, Vir Cotto
Additional Tags: Missing Scene, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Summary: Putting on a show for Cartagia is all well and good, but sometimes even the best performers miss a beat. Missing scene for the season 4 episode Falling Towards Apotheosis, just after Cartagia reveals the contents of his 'Shadow cabinet' and his plans to turn Centauri Prime into an inauguration pyre.

Been going through some rough times lately (nothing that won't pass, though, don't worry) and writing hurt/comfort is still the best way to cheer myself up, so here you go. :)

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Been absurdly tired for most of the week now, to the point where intelligent thought and the forming of coherent sentences is going very, very slowly. No idea as to the cause: could be lack of sleep, if not for the fact that adding sleep doesn't seem to help; or perhaps I really do need to get these iron pills I was prescribed; or maybe I finally caught the Mexican flu. *g*

Anyway, it's a bit of a pain given the number of fannish things I'd planned to do this week-end: catch up on friends' journals, make a start on some of these fics I've been wanting to read and comment on, make a pencil drawing of Delenn for my next [community profile] babylon5_love posting day, and bite my nails hoping for feedback on two fics I sent off to beta some time ago. The nail-biting I could do, but not the rest, alas. So, to anyone who's waiting for comments or a message or a reply to either of those things - I didn't forget, I'm just trying to scrape my brain back together, and will get back to you as soon as I managed that... :)

Incidentally, I did get something done that didn't involve too much intelligent thought. I made a silly Londo/G'Kar shipping icon, which was something I desperately wanted to get from the moment I read this thread (via a link at[profile] andrastewhite's), because the anonymous poster's comment left me foaming at the mouth. But the icon is making me feel much better already:

Plus, I finished that Londo/Timov icon I'll need for my [profile] matrithon post later this month! Icon-making is clearly therapeutic.

I also got a paid lj account, which means I can now get more icons, yay. Up to this point, I've refused to adopt any I hadn't created myself - call it irrational artistic pride - but I might have to give that up when my icon needs start to outgrow the speed with which I can make them. :) I already know some good spots for Babylon 5 icons, but I'm still severely lacking in icon websites where other sci-fi shows (Star Trek, BSG, Dr Who, Stargate SG-1, etc.) and more general subjects are concerned. If anyone could point me to some, that'd be lovely!

Argh, the bit above just took me a full hour to type. Point proven - time to get a blanket and crawl onto the sofa with some Dr Who!
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In case anyone wonders why things aren't moving anymore around here…
It has nothing. At. All. To do. With lack of productivity. *whistles*
No, really, the past two weeks have been uncommonly productive by my standards, because during my holiday I managed to squeeze out:

  • One (1) B5 fanvid, slapped together in 48 obsessive hours, followed by two weeks of tweaking which has raised my respect for any and all vidders in the universe to dizzying heights.
  • Two (2) B5 pencil portraits (care to guess?) which aren’t too bad, if I say so myself.
  • Two (2) nearly finished B5 fics, one of which has passed the 6000-word mark and so officially my longest one ever. Keeping in mind I write at a measly speed of 1 word a minute (and that’s not counting the second round of agonizing over said word, once I’ve put more than a hundred of them together), this is an achievement. *g*
  • One (1) hour-long New Zealand trip DVD montage, complete with fancy menu including chapter selection!
  • One (1) photo montage of the Andalucia trip we took last spring.
Now, one would say at least the first three of these are amply sufficient to bring some life into this lj, but. But. But. The problems are the following:
  • One fic is meant for [ profile] matrithon, the other for [ profile] babylon5_love, which means the posting dates are fixed. AT THE END OF SEPTEMBER. *ngh* Also, note the designation “nearly finished” in the fic descriptions: for some reason, it seems I am completely incapable of starting with another fic as long as these two have as little as a single paragraph missing. And hell, that paragraph is taking forever. So, um… *twiddles thumbs and waits for muse to drop out of sky*
  • I committed the folly of requesting another posting day at [ profile] babylon5_love, for the vid. ETA – two weeks and counting. *twiddles some more*
  • That leaves the drawings, but... just posting drawings, without at least a fic to go with them? Meh. Won't do.
So... there we are. And what does a person do in such a case?

One possibility: watching New Who. It took me a while, but I’ve finally, definitely and happily fallen for the Ninth Doctor, to the point where I now want to hug him at least once an episode, and I’m dreading the arrival of the next two season box-sets (for which I’m just about to put in the amazon order) as much as I’m pining for them. Dreading, because while I get the impression David Tennant is hugely popular, and probably for a good reason, he is so going to have to grow on me. Is this the rumoured “you’ll never forget your first Doctor” syndrome, then? Yes, I know Rose is still around, so there will be some familiarity at least to hang on to, but while I like Rose (most of the time; when she’s not ranting at Mickey for him going out with someone else instead of being readily available whenever she happens to pop by – which he is, by the way, and that makes it even worse), it’s not going to be the same, is it?

Well... Just one episode left to watch. The last episode of the very last disk… which means This Is The Night I Am Going To this isn't really a spoiler to anyone, is it? ). *gulp*

Something inside me is already itching to write New Who fic. (In any case, I’m itching to write anything else than B5 for a change, because the longer I stay in that fandom, the harder it’ll be to switch. And I can hardly keep writing nothing but Londo/G’Kar & Vir for the rest of my days… Or can I? *blinks*) Only: I have no idea how or what or why to write so I won’t wreck four decades of canon, plus, Nine seems devilishly hard to get right to me. And I’ve yet to find any existing fic that resembles what I’d like to write. Yesterday I did a quick search for New Who fics, and found only cartloads of Ten stories, Nine/Rose shippiness, and R-rated things like Nine/Jack/Rose/TARDIS, which I was brave enough to try but gave up rather quickly. Also, “doctor who” is a hellish thing to Google: I only found something relevant after I started adding “rose” or “jack harkness” – which is probably what got me to the R-rated stuff in the first place.

So, a question to the universe: Can someone recommend some good Nine Era fic that is not either Doctor/Rose (don’t get me wrong, I like seeing him and Rose interact, but – in a romantic way? Nope. Sorry. Don’t see it.) or Doctor/Jack? Friendship fics with either combination would be great; ensemble fic even better; and anyone who can give me an angsty fic from Nine's POV that does a believable characterization of him, I will worship till the end of my days.

Secondly: Anybody heard of any good ficathons recently? Preferably prompt/claim based (as compared to the ones where they just give you an assignment) since that seems better for the nerves. Writing some good old Trek (ah – old love…) might be nice for a change. And of course, anything B5-related still goes!

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#1 Purely hypothetical (naturally! *g*) question. Say you're Googling the keyword "G'Kar", to get some vital piece of information for a fic perhaps. Say you're scrolling through the results, and that during that process, you spot an entry titled "G'Kar Teaches".

HOW BAD IS IT if you think, for two entire seconds, that it says "G'Kar - Tentacles" instead ???

Seriously. It seems my subsconscious needs to find itself some tentacle pr0n. *g*

#2 On a completely unrelated note. Why is it that so many people speaking a foreign language don't even try to get their pronunciation right? Like yesterday I had to follow this course, given in English by a French-speaking lady. Grammar and vocabulary wise she did pretty well, hence it couldn't have been lack of knowledge of the language... So can anyone tell me what makes it so hard not to pronounce:
- "hybrid" as "eebreed"
- "available" as "ava-lábel"
- "et cetera" as "exetera" (this one cracked me up at first, but at the end I just wanted to punch her for it)
AND THEN USE THESE WORDS A FRAKKIN' 10 TIMES PER MINUTE! As an aside: I'm not a native speaker myself - so if this rattles even me, it's BAD, people. *g*


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