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So here it is, finally! My second [ profile] help_japan story, this one for the lovely [ profile] yetanothermask, who asked for post-canon Lyta/G'Kar fic, G'Kar's POV. It took me ages to finish this, but, combined with the B5 revival over on Tumblr, which I've been cautiously following from the sidelines, I really am getting nostalgic for the show all over again. I've even started reediting some of my old B5 fics (and, boy, some of my early ones could really do with some editing) just to get a feel for the characters again. Go figure. :)

Any feedback is loved, con-crit included – it feels like ages since I posted something other than a drabble in this fandom, so I'd be thrilled if you'd let me know what you think! ♥

ETA: now also up on AO3!

Fandom: Babylon 5
Summary: Lyta was always going to choose her own path; all G'Kar could hope for was she'd end up choosing it for the right reasons. That didn't make it any easier to let her go. Post-canon, so spoilers for all of the series.
Characters: G'Kar, Lyta Alexander.
Rating: PG-13. Practically gen, apart from one paragraph which really isn't. Contains implied past Lyta/Kosh, Lyta/Byron, and Londo/G'Kar. 
Word Count: ~4000
Thanks to: Avelera, for the beta!

Fic: Incontournable )

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This has been sitting on my hard drive, near-finished, for a few months before I managed to write that last piece of dialogue. Written for [ profile] maspalio, who shares my frustration over the sad lack of Lyta/G’Kar post-series fics on the web.

Title: Rituals
Summary: The story of one of those days during Lyta and G'Kar's travels where their truths clash - or do they?
Thanks to: [ profile] mithen for the great beta job.
Rating: PG-13, gen. Though I suppose if you really squint you might call it het.
Disclaimer: Owned by JMS and Babylonian Productions, not me, alas.

Author’s notes: One of my disappointments with the show's ending was how little closure we were given for Lyta (also Lennier, but at least for him we're shown in Sleeping in Light that Delenn still honors his memory). Canon tells us she left Babylon 5 with G'Kar in 2262, had parted company with him by 2265, and supposedly died not very long after, in the explosion in Psi Corps headquarters near the end of the Telepath war. For some reason she wasn't even given a mention in the series' finale (the toast to absent friends? Nope, no Lyta there), which peeved me to no end. I couldn't write her a happy story, but at least I could give her some closure before the end.

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