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Posting this a little sooner than I'd planned to, because once the Yuletide archive opens, I don't expect to be doing much else than reading, commenting and squeeing for a couple of days, just like everyone else, I suppose. :)  So please forgive me the hasty editing, and feel free to point out any typos or inconsistencies I might have overlooked due to that.

Another Lost fic, taking place during the same episode (i.e. Cabin Fever) as my previous one, Vigilantes, and in fact set mostly in the same time frame. Except this is Locke's point of view, not Ben's, and the scenes are different. Call it a missing-scene fic for a missing-scene fic, if you will. Still gen, or at least mostly gen-ish, though I'm finding some undertones are slipping in that, depending on your mileage, may be leaning towards UST, and are definitely in the realm of hurt/comfort, be it of the platonic type. *grin* Well, I like UST!

Also - have a very happy Christmas and/or happy holidays, everyone! Wishing you all the very best!

Title: Ad Fundum Calicis
Summary: John Locke has a few things he needs to figure out, and they don't all concern Jacob. Missing scenes from Cabin Fever; companion piece to my earlier fic Vigilantes, which was Ben's POV - this is Locke's.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilery for the events up to Cabin Fever. 

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Almost finished a first, very rough draft for my Yuletide assignment (which is proving to be a fun, if challenging, change from what I usually write) so I’m leaving it to stew for a day or two before I start reediting. Meanwhile, I can make good on my promise for more Lost fic!

So, I think I’ve finally reached a point where I can begin to write Locke & Ben in tandem, even if it’s just exploratory snippets rather than anything epic. In my re-watch, I’m almost up to Life and death of Jeremy Bentham, probably tackling it tonight if time allows. Knowing what I know now, that a certain spoilery revelation is true ), watching these last episodes has been leaving me a little downcast. Up until this point I (wrongly) recalled that, after someone does something spoilery ), there’s still a few happy moments for Locke there, one or two days where he’s just the leader of his people and at least has something to carry him though the rest. But, apart from a few stray conversations, there’s actually not much comfort there at all. Oh, John.

Anyway, here be fic to ease the sorrow.

Title: Vigilantes
Summary: If it could only be as simple as Locke, Ben, and Hurley, out camping. Except, after spoilers show up ), nothing's simple anymore. Least of all finding Jacob. Missing snippets from “Cabin Fever”, after Locke suggests to set up camp for the night.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilery for the events up to Cabin Fever, and very vaguely foreshadow-y for some of what follows.
Author’s notes: Thanks to Selena, for suggesting the characters and setting. “Optimum combination of characters”, indeed!  At that point, I had no idea what you were referring to, did I? *grin*

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Behind a cut because, much as I'm tempted to think I was the last person left who hadn't seen this show from start to end, I'm sure there are still others who'd like to remain unspoiled. )

Oh, and in the category of Silly Stuff That Makes Me Happy: I ran into this funny and heartwarming Ben 'n 'Locke video, which made for a great distraction amidst all the rewatch angst. Just the music is enough to make me feel all glowy inside. *grins and keeps grinning*

Also: signed up for Yuletide! For one of my requests there were no offers at all, I noticed today, but the others do, so I'll be good. And I dipped into some fandoms I've never written before, so I'm looking forward to that. Now, off to write my Dear Author Letter!
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Because it didn't feel right to be writing Ben and Alex post-series fic and not try to weave in Rousseau's story as well:

Wake Your Ghost
Summary: There's no reason why Danielle would even want to remember - or is there? Post-canon, spoilers for the entire series.
Characters: Danielle Rousseau, Alex Rousseau, Benjamin Linus
Word Count: ~ 3000
Rating: G
A/N: Companion piece to Et In Arcadia Ego - supposing Ben stays around for a little longer after Alex remembers him. The title is from a song by Kristin Hersh.

Fic: Wake Your Ghost )


Any feedback - long or short, positive or critical - is welcome, as always! ♥

Incidentally, more Lost fic might follow! We started on a re-watch this week (jumping in at early season 3, as I lacked the patience to start from the beginning) and me not writing at least a Ben & Locke fic would be a huge injustice to the awesomeness that is them. Sat through The Man From Tallahassee yesterday, and how is the whole "Because you're in a wheelchair and I'm not / I'm in a wheelchair and you're not" exchange not perfect in its whole screwed-up, magnificent, heartrending glory?

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So, we finally watched the Lost finale this week (yes, I'm one of those suckers who waited for the DVDs - I'm compulsive like that :) ) and loved it. More coherent meta  and/or squee might follow, if and when I'm capable of it, but for now I just needed to write fic instead. Call it therapy, if you'd like. *wipes eyes*

Et In Arcadia Ego
Summary: "I have some things that I still need to work out. I think I'll stay here a while." On Benjamin Linus and letting go.
Word Count: ~ 1500
Rating: G
A/N: I wrote this in a day (a long and feverish day, but still a single day at that), which only happened to me once before, so it must really have needed writing. Also - yes, it's sentimental, but I just sat through the finale, darn it, so I believe I'm entitled. :) And it's not more sentimental than said finale, for sure, so not to worry too much.

Any kind of feedback - positive, critical or mixed - is welcome, as always.

Fic: Et In Arcadia Ego )



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