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Set of 10 Twin Peaks icons, general and slashy both. Made in a teensy obsessive fit following my Yuletide gift. *g*
Feel free to grab if any of them appeals!
Credit would be lovely, credit and a comment even lovelier. ;)


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Been absurdly tired for most of the week now, to the point where intelligent thought and the forming of coherent sentences is going very, very slowly. No idea as to the cause: could be lack of sleep, if not for the fact that adding sleep doesn't seem to help; or perhaps I really do need to get these iron pills I was prescribed; or maybe I finally caught the Mexican flu. *g*

Anyway, it's a bit of a pain given the number of fannish things I'd planned to do this week-end: catch up on friends' journals, make a start on some of these fics I've been wanting to read and comment on, make a pencil drawing of Delenn for my next [community profile] babylon5_love posting day, and bite my nails hoping for feedback on two fics I sent off to beta some time ago. The nail-biting I could do, but not the rest, alas. So, to anyone who's waiting for comments or a message or a reply to either of those things - I didn't forget, I'm just trying to scrape my brain back together, and will get back to you as soon as I managed that... :)

Incidentally, I did get something done that didn't involve too much intelligent thought. I made a silly Londo/G'Kar shipping icon, which was something I desperately wanted to get from the moment I read this thread (via a link at[profile] andrastewhite's), because the anonymous poster's comment left me foaming at the mouth. But the icon is making me feel much better already:

Plus, I finished that Londo/Timov icon I'll need for my [profile] matrithon post later this month! Icon-making is clearly therapeutic.

I also got a paid lj account, which means I can now get more icons, yay. Up to this point, I've refused to adopt any I hadn't created myself - call it irrational artistic pride - but I might have to give that up when my icon needs start to outgrow the speed with which I can make them. :) I already know some good spots for Babylon 5 icons, but I'm still severely lacking in icon websites where other sci-fi shows (Star Trek, BSG, Dr Who, Stargate SG-1, etc.) and more general subjects are concerned. If anyone could point me to some, that'd be lovely!

Argh, the bit above just took me a full hour to type. Point proven - time to get a blanket and crawl onto the sofa with some Dr Who!


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