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Seems that bidding at the [ profile] help_pakistan comm has been extended by half a day.

Auction closing time is now (definitively, I take it) set at Sunday 29th August, 1pm EST (6pm GMT), so there's still some time to bid, either on my offer (for Twin Peaks, B5 and Star Trek: TOS fic) or any of the others, including these that haven't received any bid yet.
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I was hoping for this to happen, and lo and behold, so it did! *hugs fandom*

Inspired by and in the vein of last year's [ profile] help_haiti, the comm [ profile] help_pakistan now hosts a fandom auction set up to help Pakistan recover from the recent floods.

The main principles are the same: anyone can make a bid on anything that's offered on the comm. The list of offers includes, but is not limited to, fanfic, fanart, crafts, food etc; there's a list of tagged bookmarks on Delicious to help search through the offers. After bidding closes on August 28, the highest bidder donates the amount of her/his winning bid to one of the listed charities and provides the offerer with a proof of payment, which then binds the offerer to deliver the promised merchandise. For fanfic, the aim is to have the finished fic ready by October 1.

My fanfic offering thread is right here, starting bid is $5.

Due to time constraints I'm sticking to mostly familiar territory, but if there's anything in particular (different fandom, different combination of characters, etc) you have in mind that you think I can do, just PM me before bidding and ask. Can't promise I'll say yes (if you're paying for it, I'd like to be pretty sure I can write you something that makes it worth your while) but I do promise I'll seriously consider it.

Basic info you'll also find at the comm:

User Name: [ profile] amatara
Email address: amat.aram at gmail dot com
You can see things I've created at: Archive of Our Own or my LJ

I am offering: One fanfic of at least 1000 words. Could be longer if time allows and the muses are willing.

Fandoms: Twin Peaks (Cooper and Rosenfield, gen or slash); Star Trek TOS and movies up to VI (any main characters, gen); Babylon 5 (Londo/G'Kar, or any gen combination of Londo, G'Kar and Vir); Stargate Atlantis (I think I could do gen involving most of the main characters, but please ask via PM or email before bidding).

Additional Info:
I'm better at characterization than at plotting, better at dark stuff than at fluff and humor, though I will make an effort if you'd like. :) Rating-wise I'll go up to R, angsty gen also a specialty. No rape/dub-con, extreme kinks, AU or mpreg. When in doubt, feel free to ask.
For Babylon 5 and Twin Peaks in particular: the more specific your request, the easier for me to work with, as I've written a fair amount of fic about these characters already. SGA is a fandom I'm not too familiar writing in, so it's hard for me to pinpoint which characters/situations I could and couldn't write - please ask in advance.

Starting Bid: $5

Thanks in advance to anyone considering to participate!



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