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Yesterday, my husband's grandmother passed away after complications resulting from brain surgery.

The day after tomorrow, husband and I are leaving on a three-week holiday.

This is... an odd feeling.

Husband and I have talked about the holiday, and we both agree we're not going to change our plans. For one, cancelling it now would be an incredible hassle, not to mention very expensive (plane tickets, rental car, hotels have all been booked and paid for in advance), but also, we really still want to go. And that, too, is an odd feeling.

Rationally speaking, of course, there isn't much we could do anyway if we stayed. Except, you know, mourn, and maybe spend some more time with husband's family, and go to the funeral, which we'll be missing now. On the other hand we've been looking forward to this vacation for a very long time, and it will probably be the very last really big trip we're going to take for quite some years. This summer they'll be starting construction of our house so there'll be bills to pay, and once we've moved into the house chances are we're going to start thinking about kids, so... yeah. This was a bit of a symbolic vacation for us in that context. That, and we both had one hell of a tough year professionally, and both desperately feel like we need a break from work. So yeah... we'll be going. And when we're there we'll think of home, probably a lot more than we'd do otherwise, but we still intend to have as good a time as we can anyway. Which feels... odd, but not quite wrong.

Life and death, right? Can't have one without the other.


On a less melancholy note: [ profile] help_japan! I won fic by the lovely [ profile] kangeiko and [ profile] heartequals, and was won by the wonderful [ profile] yetanothermask and [ profile] faelhach, for whom I'll be writing Babylon 5 and Twin Peaks fic, respectively, in return for their generous donations.

I may or may not have access to Internet a few times in the next three weeks, but I'm not sure and I'm not quite counting on it - so please don't worry if you try to contact me and don't hear back from me for a while. I'll reply as soon as I'm able, in the week of 10th May at the latest.

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Hi all,

Just a reminder that the [ profile] help_japan auction is now closed to new offers, but bidding is still possible until March 30, 10PM GMT.

My offer post is here, for anyone still interested in bidding. The two highest bidders will each receive a fic.
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I'm offering fic for the  [ profile] help_japan  auction over at LJ. My auction post can be found here; bidding will remain open until 26 March.


Details of my offer:

You can see things I've created at:

I am offering: Two (2) fanfics of at least 1000 words each.

Babylon 5 (Narn/Centauri arc a specialty, for other parts of canon please ask before bidding as my knowledge of those is a lot shakier)
Twin Peaks (mainly Cooper and Albert, for others please ask)
Star Trek TOS (gen, any characters)
Lost (I've written Ben, Locke and Rousseau before, for others please ask)

And as I mentioned here earlier, if there are any fandoms I haven't written in before but that you think I can pull off and you'd like to see me try, please feel free to ask; we can discuss and/or haggle. :)

Additional Info:
I'd be happy to write gen in any fandom. For slash and het I'd prefer to stick to my usual pairings: I can do Londo/G'Kar, Londo/Timov (well, probably Londo/anybody except Vir :) ) and Lyta/G'Kar from Babylon 5, plus Cooper/Albert from Twin Peaks. If you have another pairing in mind, feel free to PM me to ask and I'll give you an honest answer as to whether I think I can pull it off for you. I'd prefer no crossovers or AUs, mpreg, extreme kink or noncon/rape, and will not write character bashing. My stories are usually character-driven and pretty faithful to canon, with angst and h/c being my main genres - I love shades of grey and complicated character interactions! But if you'd prefer something lighter or more humorous I'll gladly cater to your preferences too! I do work better if I have a concrete prompt to go by, so please provide one if you end up winning; or we can discuss your wishes afterwards via email. I'll definitely try to write you something as tailormade as possible! As for delivery date, if I can finish your story by end of May I will definitely do so, but end of June will probably more realistic due to real life obligations.

Starting Bid: 5 USD for each.


Auctions are being hosted both at  [ profile] help_japan (Livejournal) and  [community profile] help_japan (Dreamwidth); there is also a Delicious account where you can browse through the various offers.
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News about Japan keeps rolling in and is sounding no less worrisome than yesterday: not only is a nuclear facility threatened but apparently an entire village as well as several trains are still off the radar? *gulps* The sheer scale of this simply defies anyone's imagination. Sending much love and good thoughts to everyone living near the stricken area and/or having family members or friends who live there!

I just discovered that a fandom auction is going to be hosted over at [community profile] help_japan (Dreamwidth) and [ profile] help_japan (Livejournal). The Dreamwidth site also encourages donations for the March 10 earthquake in Yingjiang, Yunnan, China; the Livejournal site seems to be focusing on donations to Japan only. Bidding on both sites opens on March 14; the DW site is already open for offers, the LJ site will put up its offering posts on Monday. 

I'll definitely be offering up fic for auction, and will be posting my offer on the LJ site after they've opened. As usual, this involves some fretting about what exactly to offer. It's not that I'm not willing to step outside my comfort zone for a good cause, but if someone is going to be paying good money for a fic, I don't want to risk not being able to deliver what they requested. So I'll probably be keeping my actual offering post pretty restrictive in terms of fandoms and characters, just to be on the safe side.

However, if any of you flistees would be considering to place a bid, I'd be happy to dicuss any requests over here - no obligations, of course! But I do trust you guys to know by now what I'm comfortable writing, or at least to be aware of what you'd be signing up for, so I'd definitely be less gun-shy about stepping out of that comfort zone. I'll write any character I've written before, and might be able to write other characters and/or fandoms depending on the details. Gen is usually a safer bet with me than slash or het, but again, it depends on the characters. If I don't feel I can do a certain fandom or character justice I'll tell you in all honesty, but feel free to ask. I'd also be game for doing some kind of exchange, if you'd like; say, I write something you request, you write something I request, and I'll match whatever bid you make.



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