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Title: Fake Plastic Life
Fandom: Galaxy Quest
Characters: Alexander Dane, Gwen DeMarco, Jason Nesmith.
Summary: Sometimes all you need ends up being right in front of you. Alexander should know.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1600 words

Fake Plastic Life )
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Despite (or maybe because of?) not having signed up, I ended up writing three treats this year! Not sure if that means I should have signed up anyway, because there's still a huge difference between getting to pick your own prompt and getting one assigned, stress-level-wise. But it's a good sign! I did miss writing a Yuleletter and anxiously waiting for/squeeing over a gift, though, so I really hope I'll be able to sign up again next year.

As for the fics I wrote: two of them I'd actually planned for, in the sense that I scrolled through the Yuleletter list and picked up the two prompts that appealed to me most. The third one was, shall we say, an impulsive decision. *g* Here are all three:

Face of the Moon (Twin Peaks, 2596 words) ... or read it on DW or LJ.
Summary: Diane doesn't work in the spotlights. If Dale is the bright face of the moon, then let her be the other face, the one people don't see. That doesn't mean she's not part of the story.
Characters: Diane, Audrey Horne, Albert Rosenfield, Gordon Cole, Harry Truman, Denise Bryson, Dale Cooper.

Written for [personal profile] allchildren, who specifically asked for Diane fic - a challenge I just couldn't pass up! Of the stories I wrote this year, this is still my personal favorite. No small thanks to my ever-gorgeous beta [ profile] nemo_everbeing, who was so kind as to critically review this story while still working on her own Yuletide fic! I wasn't sure whether having Diane as a POV character would work for everyone, but the feedback I received on this was heartwarming and awesome. *beams*

Fake Plastic Life (Galaxy Quest (1999), 1651 words) ... or read it on DW or LJ.
Summary: Sometimes all you need ends up being right in front of you. Alexander should know.
Characters: Alexander Dane, Gwen DeMarco, Jason Nesmith.

A short character vignette written for [ profile] celandineb, who wanted to read about Alexander Dane and how he went from playing Richard III to being Dr. Lazarus on a cheesy sci-fi television show. The overall quality of GQ fic this year was just stunning, and compared to all the other stories this little piece feels really lightweight, but people seemed to like it as well, so yay! Many thanks to [ profile] everywherestars for the beta.

Be My Homeward Dove (Twin Peaks, 2115 words) ... or read it on DW or LJ.
Summary: Five goodbyes in Twin Peaks which really aren't goodbyes at all.
Characters: Sarah Palmer, Albert Rosenfield, Harry Truman, Audrey Horne, Dale Cooper.

On Dec 23rd, [personal profile] st_aurafina posted a note on her journal mentioning she was on the pinch hit list. I knew she'd asked for Twin Peaks fic, among other things, and my flaily little Twin Peaks heart couldn't bear the thought that she might not receive any, so... I dived in.

I didn't stress out over the other two fics, but boy, did I stress out over this one! I wrote most of it at night, struggling to stay focused and keep my fingers going on the keyboard. I finished the last part the next morning, re-read the whole fic... and promptly panicked. Was I really going to gift a story that I'd written in a few hours' time, knowing how rough and unpolished it still felt to me? And gift it to someone who's not just a casual TP fan but has produced some great work of her own? And then I owe a massive thanks to [personal profile] selenak, for agreeing to do an extremely last-minute beta and providing not only reassurance but some life-saving suggestions for edits as well! At which point I worked in the edits, re-read the whole thing again, and finally felt courageous enough to post it. I don't think I've ever been more relieved about a fic than when [personal profile] st_aurafina commented to say she enjoyed her gift!

In short: I had a lovely Yuletide, and I hope the same goes for all of you who participated, in whichever way, big or small! Thanks so much to everyone who read and/or left comments or kudos on my stories; that means a lot to me. *hugs*

Once again, wishing y'all a very happy New Year! 



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