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Some tweaks made to the post, because I probably got a little too defensive the first time around, despite my best intentions not to. What I haz learned today: meta should not equal rant. *sheepish grin* Also: offering my feverish head as (feeble) excuse, as shiveriness has evolved to full-blown cold. Meaning excused from work today, but not too sick for LJ and DVDs - there
is mercy in the universe. :)


A little shivery today, so just a quick copy-and-paste of a post prepared this morning, and then off to blankets, chocolate pudding, and tea. *yearns*

First of all, before I lose myself in rambling, let me post the meme that got me thinking about all of this stuff. Gacked from [ profile] penknife and [ profile] nolivingman. Because it's fun, and these days I'm in a bit of a mood where I love to talk about pairings. My main fandoms are in my profile, if you're wondering. 

Ask me a fandom, and I will tell you:

+ Runner-up
+ Honorable mention(s)
+ Crack pairing(s)
+ Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't

Now - I'm sure this debate has been done to death several times already, so I'm not planning to kick up a big cloud of dust all over again. However, something I just read on LJ made me think, real hard, about my own position on this, which makes it worth to at least throw some random thoughts on here and ask for other opinions.

What it's about: the notion of WNGWJLEO ("we're not gay we just love each other"), WNG in short, which I bumped into a number of times and was consistently puzzled by for a number of reasons; how slash fic deals (can deal? should deal?) with real-life issues of gender and sexuality; and how I look at the sexuality of my own preferred pairings and what that says (might say? should say?) about me.

Cut for length. Yes, it's a loooong ramble. *g* )


Aug. 2nd, 2009 06:54 pm
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Never did a meme before, but this sounded like so much fun I had to give it a go. Started with B5, then couldn't help myself and went on to do ST:TOS also!

Choose your genre show, answer the questions using episode titles from that show--if possible, don't repeat any.

Babylon 5 )

Star Trek TOS )

Other fannish news:

(1) Holiday started this weekend, and will last for the whole of two weeks - yay! For the first time since our student days, we haven't planned to go anywhere, which means I will be spending the next two weeks shortening the laundry list of hobbyish/fannish stuff I've been dragging along for ages.

Things I want to do: finish the New Zealand vid from our honeymoon (now almost a year ago); tweak and order the photos from our last five trips and put them in the album; finish my Timov/Londo fic for [ profile] matrithon, which is (frighteningly) growing faster in my head than on paper; finish the B5 vid I started on this week (on pure impulse; I never fanvidded before) as my contribution for September's "B5 love month" at [ profile] babylon5_love; finish another fic, Londo & Vir this time, that I almost finished half a year ago and then semi-forgot about; watch the first seasons of DS9 and Dr. Who and anything else I can get my hands on really; and...

Well, let's say that suddenly two weeks doesn't sound like such a long time after all. *g* But if anyone has a request for anything (fic, meta, you name it), now is probably still a better time than ever!

(2) Just bought the first season of New Who, and watched the first ep ("Rose") on Friday evening. First impression: swell! And very, very British, which for some reason makes me unbelievably happy. Love the Doctor's dry humor; love even more the fact that neither of the two main characters could in any way be considered stereotypically beautiful! A series that doesn't take itself too seriously, and has actors that look like you and me: yeah, I like. Muchly.

(3) Went for a re-watch of "Half-Blood Prince" yesterday, and appreciated it significantly more than the first time. However, I still would've liked some action at the end, between two of the most spoilery scenes of the movie ). I wanted a fight, darn you, just like in the book; I wanted some of those filthy DEs to get their a** kicked; and most of all, I wanted some kind of emotional payoff to compensate for all that angst and sadness we'd just been put through. Ah well, you can't have it all, I guess.
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(1) How can you do it, people? How can y'all find the time to write so much?
Well - most of you have jobs, right? Or kids, or parents, or pets, or a significant other who at least is vying for *some* of your attention? And those of you who don't, surely have other things on your mind except journaling, even if it's just watching all of those shows that you are journaling about! Yet somehow you all manage to churn out fics and recs and reviews and analyses at a rate that is astounding, not to mention react personally to every comment that people give on your fics, meta, recs, etc. etc... How do you MANAGE it? I mean, even on a good day I need at least half an hour of fic-writing to squeeze out a single paragraph I'm proud of... and let's not talk about the bad days!

Truly, I am awed, amazed, flabbergasted at your ability! So if any of you has a magic hint on how to do this... well, let's say that I might just turn into Sylar and screw open your head to get it from you... ;-)

(2) What on earth was I thinking to fall head over heels for a show like Babylon 5, that hardly anyone is still squeeing over, or writing fanfic for? Hell, no one in my country even knows the damn thing!
Honestly, it feels kind of awkward that I'm still jumping up and down with mirth about the show, while the rest of the fannish universe (with one or two exceptions) seem to have passed that stage years ago. Hell, I feel like a thirteen-year-old with a crush, stuck in a world full of adults!
And why, of all characters in that show, did I pick a Centauri ambassador to be fannish about? And a Narn? And an ambassador's aide? Why couldn't I just go for the popular choice, like John/Delenn or Marcus/Ivanova, or even Ivanova/Talia? Hell, why do I have to be so monogamous about my fandoms, anyway, instead of just having a whole harem of them? Why can't I just ship Kirk/Spock, for that matter, like any normal person does, and save myself a world of trouble?


Well, I guess there's not much to do... When you're in love, right? :-)

Anyone out there wants to join in some B5 squeeing? I'm feeling just a teensy bit alone...


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