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Title: Though I Walk Through the Valley (7/?)
Fandom: Babylon 5
Category/Rating: gen-ish (with some background pairings), PG-13
Story summary: What really happened during those sixteen long years in which Londo waited for the prophecies to come true? A multi-chapter story, intended to bridge the gap between Londo's ascension to the throne and Centauri Prime's eventual liberation from the Drakh.

(In which G’Kar mourns Lyta, and meets an old friend on Minbar.

Also, I'm proud to say this story now has its very own cover art! *beams*

Cover art

Many, many thanks to ghanimasun for letting me borrow one of her beautiful graphics to make this!
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Another contribution for [ profile] babylon5_love, of a rather different type: I present to you pencil drawings of everyone's three favorite ambassadors! Here's a little teaser for y'all, just hit the text link below to see the full pictures.

Actually, Kosh should have been there, too, but I lacked the time to do him, alas.

Clickety-click for the full pics... )

For anyone who's interested: I drew the G'Kar portrait first, then Londo, and finally Delenn, which probably shows in the quality of the drawings - also, it's been ages since I last tried something like this. :)

Delenn I think turned out really well; G'Kar and Londo are okay, although there seems to be something in their expressions that's not quite right... I can't seem to pinpoint the problem with either of them, so if anyone can spot it, feel free to point it out to me!


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