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Title: Swallow
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Characters: Dale Cooper, Albert Rosenfield.
Summary: It's not that Albert doesn't like food; it's that he loves it too much to settle for the mediocre. The same could be said about Albert and people. (pre-canon, very mild slash.)
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Word Count: ~1800
A/N: Written for [ profile] three_penny, who requested Albert 'n Cooper breakfast fic. I promised a drabble, but Albert insisted on something a little longer. This turned out quite a bit fluffier than what I usually write, so be warned. :) Unbeta'ed, so any mistakes are my own.

Fic: Swallow. )

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Title: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Characters: BOB, Dale Cooper, Albert Rosenfield.
Summary: Returning from Twin Peaks, Cooper finds himself on Albert's doorstep without even knowing why. BOB knows, though. Albert Rosenfield is special. Albert is the key that will make Cooper turn, turn, like the ballerina in a musical box. BOB can't wait to see them both dance.
Rating / Warnings: Rated R for adult themes. The story can definitely be considered triggery on some points, but only in the ways that canon itself is. We're talking possession, vague consent issues (though nothing as explicit as nonconsensual sex or rape) and generally BOB-ish fantasies. Basically, if you're okay with the subject matter of Twin Peaks the series, I'd say you will be okay with this, too.
Word Count: ~10.000 words
Author's Notes: This story started out as "that brief snippet I was going to write [ profile] heartequals as a thank-you for my [ profile] help_japan story (the wonderful I Knew This Much)" but it just grew longer and longer from there.
Many thanks to my ever-awesome beta [ profile] nemo_everbeing for giving this story the kick in the ass that it needed to make it so much better, and for providing invaluable suggestions and encouragement! Thanks as well to [personal profile] st_aurafina, whose Say Goodbye (To the World You Thought You Lived In) was both an anchor and an inspiration to me all the way through writing this.
For those who wonder if "Eli" is a reference to Dorothy Marley's The Secret Tapes of Dale Cooper series: yes, it is. :) I love that fic to pieces, so I couldn't help paying a little tribute here.

Hope you enjoy! As always, any feedback is loved - for this story maybe even more than usual, because topics like possession, mental breakdown, coming out, and all the other potentially triggery stuff that's in here (and that I tried to handle as sensibly as possible) are still so easy to get wrong... so your opinions on this would be invaluable to me. <3

Fic: Crazy Little Thing Called Love )


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#1 [ profile] help_japan update: I officially owe fics to two winning bidders, and made unofficial promises to write two more ficlets, which was - ambitious, for sure. I was hoping to get these all done by the end of this month, but due to a combination of real life (work! vacation! planning for Our House That Still Needs To Be Built but should start to rise out of the ground pretty soon now!) and a stubborn case of writer's block, I've finished only one so far. Here you go, [ profile] faelhach, this one's for you! To[ profile] yetanothermask: hope you'll forgive the delay, but I'll get this done and get it done properly, don't you worry a bit. Thank you both again!

#2 Did I mention the house, and that they're going to start construction on it soon? I did, didn't I? Giddiness and panic in one package! But it's going to be great... I hope. *takes deep breaths*

#3 Went to see X-Men: First Class last week, like nearly everyone else here, and loved it. Also, as was wholly and hopelessly to be foreseen, fell like a brick for James McAvoy's Charles. *sigh* Why so predictable, self?
I'm not complaining, mind you! If there's one regret I have it's that I'm hardly familiar with the rest of the canon (I saw the first movie and that's it) but right now I'm having far too much fun keeping up with the growing list of fics on AO3 to mind too badly. The only complication (apart from the general one of *omfgTIME*) is that I'd love to dive into the fic-writing fun for a little while, but lack of canon knowledge isn't too beneficial for morale. Ah, fannish life...

Now, on to fic!

For in That Sleep of Death What Dreams May Come. Written for [ profile] faelhach for [ profile] help_japan .
Summary: Coming face to face with evil is not Dale Cooper's prerogative. Albert would know.
Rating: Gen (with some slashy undertones), rated R for potentially disturbing/triggery content. Brief warning: Contains mentions of sexual abuse of a minor, which may be considered triggery. The mentioned event doesn't involve the main characters, though, and I kept the descriptions deliberately vague. Just thought it would be best to put this on the label anyway.
Word Count: ~6000
Thanks to:
[ profile] nemo_everbeing, for the awesome and lightning-speed beta job.

or read it on AO3.

With the sun down, the temperature was dropping fast. Albert told himself it was simply the cold that led him to turn up his collar and thrust his free hand deep into his jacket pocket. He was acting like an idiot.  )

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Firstly, a rec: the marvelous [ profile] nemo_everbeing, whom I've been lucky enough to have as my Yuletide Santa for two years in a row, has written another Twin Peaks story to complete the two Yuletide pieces she wrote. From What I've Tasted of Desire is a gorgeous coda to what came before, effectively turning this into a three-part series about the evolution of the relationship between Dale Cooper and Albert Rosenfield. This makes for over 30,000 words of fantastic Twin Peaks prose, which can be found on AO3 as the Some Say the World Will End in Fire series. Without it, chances are I might never have gotten into writing Twin Peaks fic myself, and I really can't praise it highly enough. 

As for myself, it's been some time since I wrote any gen in the Twin Peaks 'verse, and what rolled out this time is basically a mirror piece to Five Times Albert Rosenfield Lied - the fic where apart from exploring some of Albert's backstory I also went for a very sad resolution to Cooper's possession storyarc. This new story has a far more hopeful ending, but it is also a story about death, specifically how Albert, being a pathologist and therefore used to experiencing death on an everyday basis, deals with it on those few occasions where it's personal to him. Most of all, it's a story about motivations, choices, and the events that influence them.

Hope you'll enjoy - as always, any feedback is welcomed!

Title: In the Wake
Summary: Death is nothing if not also an incentive to live. Six deaths that shaped Albert Rosenfield's life, and one that he prevented.
Rating: Gen, PG-13
Characters: Albert Rosenfield, Dale Cooper, Harry Truman, Diane, and various others.
Word Count: ~8000
Thanks to: [ profile] nemo_everbeing, for the beta and discussions that made this story so much more than it would have been otherwise.

Fic: In the Wake )

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I wrote something for Porn Battle!

Well, actually I was (and still am) intending to write two somethings, being one Twin Peaks piece and one piece of Londo/G'Kar, because, damn, it's really been too long since I gave these two some proper attention! The Twin Peaks fic was a promise to someone, so I finished that one first. I don't dare to make any promises, but I'm still hoping to bring you Londo/G'Kar before the battle ends on Thursday. *crosses fingers and implores muses to cooperate*

I left some prompts of my own as well, should anyone feel tempted to peek and/or be creative with them.

Now without further ado, I bring you p0rn:

Title: Premeditation
Summary: There's not a thing that Cooper doesn't plan in advance. Least of all when Albert's involved. 
Pairing: Dale Cooper/Albert Rosenfield
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~ 1600
Author’s Notes: So, while I've written R-and-up rated stories in this fandom before, this is arguably the first serious attempt I've made at writing pure smut. Which means nothing more or less than that, for once, the sexytimes aren't limited to one or two paragraphs crammed together near the end of the fic. *g* In terms of writing that's a pretty new experience for me, so any feedback, coherent or not, would be loved! Unbeta'd and written in two days or so, so please forgive any mistakes that might still be there. Written for [ profile] ingridmatthews for the prompt "Escape".

Fic: Premeditation. )

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Firstly, of course, wishing you all a very happy New Year! Talking to you all this past year has meant an awful lot to me; here's to another year, and that it may be a fine one. *hugs*

Now, on to fic. If there's anyone even remotely interested in Twin Peaks, let me just re-pimp my awesome Yuletide gift, If It Had To Perish Twice, as well as this creepy and moving Cooper/Audrey post-canon piece that I enjoyed very much which is called Untying.

Regarding said Yuletide gift: dear author, whoever and wherever you are (though I can guess, my dear, I can guess! *g*), thanks so much again. Because I'm a huge believer in the best thank-you for a gift being another gift, I took the liberty of writing a little coda to your story. It isn't much (not compared to 15,000 words of goodness it isn't!) and as I wanted to have this ready and posted before the reveal on Jan 1, time was pretty short so I can't promise you won't notice the very hasty editing. Also, I keep thinking of more possible expanations for the events in your story, and I have no idea which of them was the one you had in mind, so I may have unintentionally gone for a different one here. Still, I do hope you enjoy this and accept it as a heartfelt thanks.

To anyone else, this fic probably makes little sense if you haven't read the main story first, so yes - this is yet another unsubtle attempt to lure you into reading it, if you haven't already. *grins triumphantly* Ahaa - got you now, didn't I?

Anyway, here goes - hope you'll enjoy.

Acquainted With the Night.
Summary: I have been one acquainted with the night. I have walked out in rain - and back in rain. I have outwalked the furthest city light. I have looked down the saddest city lane. I have passed by the watchman on his beat, and dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.
Pairing: Albert Rosenfield/Dale Cooper
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2000
A/N: Coda to If It Had To Perish Twice, written as a thank-you to the wonderful author who wrote it for me. 

How can you not be afraid? )


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As a writer, I have this strange principle that, whenever I like a pairing enough to write several fics about them, I should also write the story of how they got together. Call it a need for coherence, call it a compulsive reflex - but in a way, I feel like I'm cheating when I just postulate a pairing without also showing how it could have come to pass. I'm weird that way. :)

For Twin Peaks, writing that getting-together story is something I've been putting off for quite some time, because honestly, I didn't really know how or at what point in the series Cooper and Albert could have hooked up, let alone what kind of relationship they'd have. Because it seems fairly clear that by the time the series starts, they're no longer an item. And also because, while my fanon Albert is firmly gay, I still hadn't made up my mind about Cooper in that respect - in the series he still seems pretty much on the straight side of the Kinsey scale to me, and I didn't just want to sweep that under the rug. But I've finally gotten the courage to try and work something out, and the result is this fic.

Suburban Dreams
Summary: First kiss. Undercover in a gay bar. And that is really all you need to know. *g*
Pairing: Dale Cooper/Albert Rosenfield
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~ 2200
Author’s Notes: For [ profile] nemo_everbeing, who (in compensation for the Cooper!angst I put y’all through recently) asked for my take on the ‘undercover in a gay bar’ scene from Cooper’s biography. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the scene involves Cooper, tracking a serial killer who picks his victims at gay bars, doing some undercover surveillance – in black leather pants. (This is official Twin Peaks canon. Yes. *g*)
Also for [ profile] dbkate, who already wrote
the best take on that scene that anyone could ever write. I couldn’t hope to improve on her effort, so I tried a somewhat different focus – not established-relationship fic, but rather first-kiss fic. Not quite fluff, I think, but coming pretty close. With an attempt to touch on some real-life issues along the way.
By the way, for who’s wondering, the title refers to the song by the Pet Shop Boys. There is a link with the fic. :)

Hope you enjoy! Comments are loved, as always. Discussion about any aspect of this is very welcome, too! This was a pretty tough one for me to write, and I'm very curious to hear about how other people's take on it corresponds to / conflicts with my own.

Fic: Suburban Dreams )


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So I have a new layout! New colors! New fonts!
(New location of icons! Still not used to having them on the top left of a post. *squints*)

This calls for fic to celebrate!

For once, I tried my hand at something I don't often do: fluff! Well, not pure fluff, and prossibly not even fluffy fluff, as fluff goes, but... You know. Still a lot fluffier (God, I love that word! *g*) than I'm used to writing, so I hope you like. The premise, by the way, is a trope I've always wanted to try and had a great time doing. Oh, and there's Cooper's tape recorder voice in there, too! Can't believe I never did that before.

Comments are always appreciated (and even more at those times when I try something new ;) ).

Title: The Magnificent Tree
Summary: There's no such thing as a routine assignment. Pre-canon, mostly fluff/humor, with a sprinkling of angst and a touch of h/c. Can be seen as preslash, or gen with UST, whichever floats your boat. Contains a few nods to 'My Life, My Tapes', but nothing that makes having read the novel essential.
Characters: Dale Cooper, Albert Rosenfield
Word Count: ~4000
Rating: R for language, PG-13 for everything else.
Disclaimer: As always, I bow to David Lynch.
A/N: The title refers to a song by Hooverphonic, a band from my country that (besides, say, Vaya Con Dios, K’s Choice and dEUS) is, imho, very worth knowing. :)

Fic: The Magnificent Tree )

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I have a confession to make. *fidgets* Being that, despite promises to write some stuff for several people, instead I went ahead and wrote something *cough* entirely for myself. And that, really, it felt weirdly good to be doing that, to be writing something out of pure self-indulgence for a change - something I wasn't quite sure I was still able to do. But apparently I am, and it fills me with glee and squee and heaps of fannish love! (Which does not mean I forgot the promises, or have stopped feeling the joy that filling prompts brings me. :)) This was just something I needed to do for myself, in the interim. If that makes any sense. *grin* Anyway, go, read, enjoy!

Title: Cold Comfort
Summary: Autopsies are intimate things from whatever perspective. They're also very suited for long-overdue conversations. Albert Rosenfield, Dale Cooper, Maddy Ferguson, and the intricacies of coping.
Thanks to: [ profile] ingridmatthews for the lovely and very helpful beta; and David Lynch for the inspiration.
Author's Notes: Basically my attempt to explain why Albert suddenly seems so much mellower after coming back for one particular spoilery event ). Never mind the obvious explanation is change in writer/director - something must have been up with that, my inner fangirl thought gleefully. *g* In my head, this is set in the same universe as Damaged Goods, so could be read as a companion piece to that.

Fic: Cold Comfort )
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So, it seems I'm in a bit of a Twin Peaks mood these days. Not post-, but pre-canon this time, and entirely gen. Hope you enjoy - as always, any type of comment is welcome (even the critical ones :) ).

Elegy in Five Movements
Summary: Dale Cooper, in those weeks after Caroline's death. Five times Albert tries to make a difference.
Author's Notes:
1. For [ profile] ingridmatthews, whom I prodded until she came up with a prompt for me to fill. :)
2. This should more or less fit into the events, and time frame, from the novel (Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes), but can be read separately without much of a problem.
Disclaimer: As ever, I bow to David Lynch.

Fic: Elegy in Five Movements )
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Never thought I'd see the day where I actually post a Twin Peaks story! But Yuletide works in mysterious ways: while my assignment was in a familiar fandom, my gift eventually did nudge me into a new one, and I'm all the happier for it!

We all have our own way of taking a first step into a fandom, I guess, and with me it's missing-scene fic. This one's is mainly an experiment with voices and characterizations, mood, and hitting the right type of slang. If anything strikes you as out of tune - a line of dialogue, a description, an ill-fitting word, whatever - I'd be ever so grateful if you'd (gently) point it out to me. That's what an experiment is for, no? :)

As a final note -  the story wrote itself as gen, so no shippers, Audrey/Cooper or other, should fear for their sanity. *g* Still, I should add, my personal canon is that Albert has a serious thing for Cooper. About the opposite, I'm not quite sure. Much as they appeal to me as a pairing, I find it hard to imagine them having a relationship over the course of the show. Partly because of the whole Caroline and Annie arc, partly because Kyle MacLachlan's portrayal comes across as pretty much straight to me all of the time. On the other hand, I can perfectly imagine them having history, so feel free to fill this in for yourself however you like - the story doesn't point one way or the other. And I'd be glad to hear your opinion on this.  

 Damaged Goods 
Summary: Albert reflects on weakness and strength, and where Dale Cooper fits in. Set during episode 2.09, "Arbitrary Law", aka the one where outlandish and spoilery summary ensues )

Characters: Albert Rosenfield, Dale Cooper, and a bit of Harry Truman and Lucy Moran.
Rating: Um - PG-13 for language? *g*
Disclaimer: David Lynch gets all the honors here. 

Fic: Damaged Goods )

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Nothing more squee-inducing than coming home from a weekend trip with husband and parents to find not one, but two Yuletide presents to open! Plus a whole archive full of other goodies still waiting to be discovered! *bounces happily*

My assigned author wrote And the Devil Makes Three for me, a fantastic Twin Peaks fic centering on Albert Rosenfield and his first field mission alongside one Dale Cooper. If you're even slightly interested in Twin Peaks, please, go and read, because it has everything a person (well, me, in any case *g*) could want: great plotting, suspense, foreshadowing, wonderful characterization, as well as healthy portions of Albertesque snark and Cooperish zen, and a resolution that is intense and moving and heartwarming in a marvelously understated way. I love it to pieces. Also, despite my having asked specifically for gen (and very much liking what I got), I am suddenly finding myself craving Cooper/Albert slash like a chocolate-starved hormonal teenager! Alas, once again I seem to be falling for a sadly unpopular pairing: hardly any fic, and not even any icons out there - which is why I went right ahead and made my own. So, dear Yuletide author, please accept this icon (which turned out a bit slashier than I intended, but hey :) ) as a token of my gratitude! Also, if anyone out there can point me to existing fic for this particular pairing, I would be eternally grateful! Until then, I will just read this fic over and over again - which I intended to do anyway! *resumes squeeing and bouncing*

On top of that, I also got a Treat: To Have Him Back is a sweet post-canon Love Actually story dealing with Karen and Harry (portrayed by the ever-exquisite Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman) and their relationship after Harry's fling. Apart from a great take on Karen herself, it also has a gorgeous moment with David, Karen's brother and Prime Minister, who offers to help in a particularly creative way. The story manages to be bittersweet and funny and sad and hopeful all at the same time, and I enjoyed it very much - so thanks a million, dear Treat-writer!

(Only one less joyful bit to report: my plan to get on the Internet during the weekend was sadly ruined by (1) the hotel we stayed in not providing free Internet access despite claims to the contrary, and (2) my laptop's adaptor being stolen in the train station by some guy who calmly snagged my backpack while it was standing right at my feet! *fumes* Well, in truth we got lucky, because the other backpack, which was mercifully still on my back at that time, contained our train tickets and hotel voucher, which would've been a greater loss. Still, getting robbed on Christmas day feels rather sucky.)


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