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I'm honestly not sure where in my subconscious this one came from - I wrote it in a day, so it must have wanted out. Badly.

I should repeat (apart from Go, watch COE if you haven't already!) that Children of Earth is the only Torchwood I've watched so far, so my view on the characters' backstories is far from complete. Still, this needed writing, which is really all the excuse I need, right? :)

Title: Midas Touch
Characters: Jack's POV, and mentions of many others including Alice, Steven and Team Torchwood.
Summary: Post-COE. Jack thinks of the lives that he touched, and that touched him. These days, he doesn't flatter himself.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own Jack (obviously, as Jack is everyone's, isn't he? *g*). Neither are any of the others mine, though I'd sure love to hug them right now. 

Fic: Midas Touch )
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Don't think I've ever recced any fanfics before, but this one just took my breath away and I couldn't not share:

The Myth of Fingerprints by [ profile] kaydeefalls

A Torchwood fic that draws the pattern of Jack Harkness' life, through Children of Earth and The End of Time and far beyond that, in a way that is totally faithful to canon, never once becomes sappy or self-indulgent, and infinitely comforting. It also takes all of Jack's loved ones, future and past, from Ianto to Rose to Stephen and Alice to Alonso and even the Doctor, without ever demeaning one over the other, and weaves them together in one big tapestry. After Children of Earth, between all the AUs and fixits and zomg-Ianto-is-the-only-one-for-Jack declarations, this was so very much everything that I needed. Apart from that, it's also marvellously well written. Go, ye, read!


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