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Vir Cotto is, to me, a joy both to watch and to write, his character being one that most of us can identify with. He starts out as a perfectly ordinary (at least, from a human point of view; less so from a Centauri one) person, forced by exordinary circumstances to do things he never thought himself capable of. I love him dearly as a character in his own right, but perhaps even more in the context of his friendship with Londo. This fic describes a missing scene between the two of them, set near the resolution of the Cartagia arc.

Title: The thing with feathers
Rating: G
Summary: Vir has always been stronger than he thinks. Missing scene from the s4 episode "Into the Fire": Vir and Londo in the aftermath of Cartagia's death.
Disclaimer: Owned by JMS and Babylonian Productions, not me. If only they were - *sigh*.
Thanks to: [ profile] hobsonphile for the beta
Note: Cross-posted to [ profile] babylon5_love

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Another contribution for [ profile] babylon5_love, of a rather different type: I present to you pencil drawings of everyone's three favorite ambassadors! Here's a little teaser for y'all, just hit the text link below to see the full pictures.

Actually, Kosh should have been there, too, but I lacked the time to do him, alas.

Clickety-click for the full pics... )

For anyone who's interested: I drew the G'Kar portrait first, then Londo, and finally Delenn, which probably shows in the quality of the drawings - also, it's been ages since I last tried something like this. :)

Delenn I think turned out really well; G'Kar and Londo are okay, although there seems to be something in their expressions that's not quite right... I can't seem to pinpoint the problem with either of them, so if anyone can spot it, feel free to point it out to me!
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Finally, 1 September has arrived, and with it [ profile] ruuger's yearly B5 Love Month, hosted over at [ profile] babylon5_love. It's my very first contribution there, on the very first posting date of 2009, and that with the very first fanvid I ever made... can you believe I'm a teensy bit nervous? *bounces*

Anyway, about the vid: despite me being a Centauri-and-Narn (and to a somewhat lesser degree, Minbari) lover, I managed to make it an ensemble piece after all! That's to say, two-thirds is ensemble, the middle third is - well, take a guess. *g* Don't be deceived by the optimistic title: it is decidedly angsty, though the final part should bring some comfort, at least.

As I mentioned, I'm new to this whole vidding thing, so feel free to point out any stuff I might have handled better - I'm all up for learning!

The direct Youtube link is here, while these are downloadable versions in MPG  (huge file, 200 MB) and AVI-DIVX (a slightly more normal 50 MB). I noticed the Youtube clip tends to be sluggish the first time it's played... If that happens, just let it play once all the way through without peeking; the second time (once it's in the cache, I assume?) it should be much better! The lyrics are right below the embedded Youtube thingy.  

So, here you go. Please, enjoy!

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